The 007 Experience



Forget all those other "wanna be" experiences. The 007 Experience is the most real, heart-pounding, g-force pulling, sweaty palms, white knuckle, fist-pumping, high five, do it yourself fun adventure you can have anywhere!

Does “Military Special Forces” mean anything to you? This adventure takes you to the edge of driving experiences.  YOU take the wheel and participate in the same training programs as the most highly skilled international security forces. YOU do the same tactical maneuvers. This is not some watered down “PC” version. It’s the real thing, live and unrehearsed. This is not just a ride along with a professional.  There is nothing like it! YOU will face speeds of 100+mph.  YOU will undergo a real vehicle assault. You will execute forward and reverse 180’s.  YOU will ram through an actual barricade.

But we don’t stop there. YOU will also drive a rally car on our specially designed course and YOU will end the day going wheel to wheel in real racing karts on the internationally acclaimed Wilson Circuit.

All classes at the BeaveRun facility are conducted by our staff of professional instructors in our police package LT1 Chevy Caprices.

Remember: “There’s nothing like it - Anywhere!”



0800 - 0830

Introduction Vehicle Dynamics Lecture


0830 - 1000

Serpentine, Straight Brake, Swerve, Brake in Turns


1000 - 1015

Skid Control Lecture


1015 - 1100

Skid Control


1100 - 1130

Tech Drive Lecture


1200 - 1300

Tech Drive


1300 - 1400



1400 - 1430

Tech Drive Final


1430 - 1500

Evasive Maneuvers


1500 - 1545



1545 - 1600

Barricade Breaching, PIT, Defensive Line Lecture


1600 - 1700

Ramming, PIT and Defensive Line


1700 - 1800

Go-Kart race on the world class Wilson Circuit

$750 per Student - Space is limited!!!

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