EMRA Sprint/Enduro races and Time Trials at Beaverun.

  Event begins on:  Saturday, June 12   at 7:00AM

Event ends on:  Sunday, June 13th

The event is hosted by:  Eastern Motor Racing Association (EMRA), on the North Road Course of BeaveRun

Event registration time7:00 AM  The event gets underway at 9:00AM

Participation is open to the general public:  No

Spectators are Welcome:  Yes

The event type is:  Sports Car Races and Time Trials

Event Overview:  Races (Sprints and Enduro)and Time Trials for Sports/Touring/Open Wheel categories.  Race sessions open to qualified drivers/cars from other organizations (SCCA, NASA, PCA, BMWCCA, etc).  Race licensing school also offered to qualified drivers.  Time Trial sessions open to all street/race cars and instruction provided to novice drivers

Event Description:  On Saturday, EMRA will host a full set of sprint races for all qualified drivers and cars.  We welcome Improved Touring, Spec Miata, Spec Racers, Legends, and all popular open and closed wheel classes.  At the end of the day, we will have a 1 hour enduro open to all closed wheel cars.  Saturday will also have a race licensing school for those drivers who meet EMRA’s criteria.   

Sunday will feature sprint races in the morning based on Saturday’s finishes, with  time trials in the afternoon.  The time trial practice sessions feature limited passing, in-car instruction for novices, and are open to all cars including daily drivers.  As the end of the day, drivers get to run against the clock in solo runs.

Qualifications for Participants:  Race sessions are open to all licensed EMRA drivers and other drivers holding a current race competition license from a recognized organization.  Cars must be prepped to at least the minimum safety requirements found on the EMRA web site:  www.EMRAracing.org.  Students in the race license school should document significant open track/time trial experience with a recognized organization.  If you need more info on the race licensing school, call Peter McCarthy, EMRA Chief Instructor at (973) 383-8859.  Time trial participants need to prepare their car to the outline on the web site.  Those with questions should call our Time Trial Chairman, Eric Kress at iaintliftin.hotmail.com.   

Price to Participate: Saturday sprint races $160.  Saturday enduro $165.  Race school $110.  Time trial $150.  10% discount on combo packages. (Check EMRA website for up-to-date details).


For further information, contact Mike French:  (603) 847-9064

Email:  [email protected]

Hosts Web Page http://www.emraracing.org/


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