BeaveRun Presents Open Lapping on the North Circuit


BeaveRun strives to present an Open Lapping Day on approximately a monthly basis as track availability will permit.  These represent days when it is possible for the general public to learn something about high performance driving and experience the thrills that go with it.  See the Event Schedule to see the dates for Open Lapping Days.

Registration begins promptly at 8:00am and on-track sessions run from 9:00am to 5:00pm with a one hour break for lunch.  There is a mandatory Drivers Meeting at 9:00 AM.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about your car and enhance your driving skills... it is NOT a racing school. 

ALL inexperienced drivers will be paired with an assigned instructor (no exceptions) and will be expected to stay well within their driving limits.  First Timers are especially welcome!

 General Requirements
  1. Helmet - 1995 or newer SNELL “SA” (“M” rated helmets are NOT acceptable).

  2. Seatbelts (3 point minimum) - driver and passenger.

  3. Roll bar & arm restraints if open car - bar must be taller than driver & provide protection for passenger.

  4. Sunroofs must be fully closed

  5. Minimum 3/32” tire tread depth

  6. Long sleeve cotton shirt, long cotton pants, leather or canvas shoes (driving suit & shoes recommended).

  7. 18 years or older.  Valid driver’s license required.

  8. No more than one novice driver per vehicle.

  9. Muffled exhausts required (95 DbA limit).

  10. Drivers are responsible for the preparation and safety of their cars.  All vehicles must pass a safety check.

  11. In-car cameras permitted with metal-to-metal commercial mount and minimum of 1 ft away from any occupant body part

  12. No incomplete applications accepted.

Advance registration is required so that appropriate "run groups" can be established in advance and to assure that we can have sufficient instructors available.  "Walk-Ons" risk not being able to participate if their Run Group is filled.



Registration Forms

Click here to get the Registration Form for an Open Lapping Day.

If you are a Pre-Approved BeaveRun Instructor, click here for the Instructor Registration Form for a particular Open Lapping Day (or other event requiring instructors).


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