BeaveRun MotorSports ComPlex 

Rental Information


2001 Price List


Rental Period Daily Rental Rates*
North Course Autocross/ Training Area Skid Pad Kart/ Training/ Autocross Area
Sept. 1-Nov. 4, 2001  
Monday - Thursday $2800 $400 $150 $300
Friday $3600 $450 $150 $350
Saturday & Sunday $4300 $500 $200 $400
Nov. 5- Dec. 31, 2001  
Monday - Thursday $1800 $300 $100 $250
Friday $2200 $350 $125 $300
Saturday & Sunday $2800 $400 $150 $400
2002 rates are not yet available.        

* All of above rates are per day and are not all-inclusive with respect to services such as corner workers, etc .

Reserving Dates

We have received requests for rental dates from many different organizations.  To give all interested parties an opportunity to reserve dates and to establish a seniority basis for future scheduling, we are currently reserving dates for fall of 2001 and all of 2002 on a first come first serve basis.  

Please fill out our Rental Request Form and follow the instructions for submitting it over the internet.   Once we receive your request and a $100 refundable deposit per day requested, your dates will be reserved.  No dates will be reserved until we are in receipt of the deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit we will contact you by phone or email to confirm your dates and forward a rental agreement to you by mail.  The rental agreement must be returned to us in 20 days or your deposit will be forfeited and your dates released.

An Event Calendar is also available on our web site to show dates that are reserved; it will be updated as new reservations are confirmed. 

As you are aware, with any new construction an opening date cannot be guaranteed.  We plan on having the North Track available in the beginning of September 2001and the South Track available in May 2002.  We will confirm fall dates by July 31, 2001.  If construction is not completed in time for your scheduled event, at your request we will return your deposit or apply it to dates in 2002.

For 2001 events, when notified that the facility will be available, you will have 30 days to submit 20% of your rental fee; the remainder of your payment is due 10 business days prior to your event.

2002 rental rates have not yet been determined.  If the published rates and conditions are not acceptable, you may cancel your registration within 30 days and your deposit will be returned.

Priority for future dates will be given to organizations in the order in which they reserve dates for 2001 and 2002.  However, we cannot guarantee a specific date/weekend year to year. 

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