Class Domination Rules the August BeaveRun Double

Wampum PA, (August 5, 2008) – The competition was heavy throughout the weekend at BeaveRun MotorSports Complex where the seventh and eighth rounds of the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series were held. Despite the close competition, five of the seven classes were swept. The August version of the “BeaveRun Double”, the third of four on the season, was a resounding success as beautiful weather helped pull 160 entries through the gates over the two days.

The Senior classes featured some usual faces as Michael Roloson, Chris Livengood and Noah Stark won both Finals in their respective classes. Roloson dominated the American Power Sports Yamaha Heavy class scoring wins by more than seven seconds on both days. Kyle Knecht wrapped up the runner-up spot on both days including edging out long time BeaveRun veteran Harry McElhaney by just .1 seconds on Sunday. For Roloson, the win total on the year now stands at seven of eight races.

Stark rang up his fifth and sixth wins of the season in the Beasley Motorsports Stock Shifter class. Newcomer to the series Eric Morse followed up the win in his first race in round six with a runner-up finish on Saturday. Brian Goebel wrapped up second place in his lone race of the weekend on Sunday while Jeff DeMello came home with two third place finishes.

The biggest single class of the weekend belonged to the JW’s Eurotech TAG racers as 22 karts took to the track on Saturday followed by 20 on Sunday. All were chasing just one racer though as Chris Livengood turned 56 second range laps in to wins over Brian O’Hara on Saturday and Jennifer Neal on Sunday. Daniel Hewes and Jimmy Fatum split third place honors as well as long distance awards as they made trips to BeaveRun from eastern Maryland and Connecticut respectively.

The BeaveRun Junior classes featured the typical nail-biting action that is becoming common place with these young racers. It was the Metric Screw and Fastener Yamaha Junior Supercan that stole the show this weekend however with Connor Hayes scoring his first career victory on Saturday in a close battle with Kylie Flickinger that saw the two break away from the pack for a five second victory. The Sunday race on the other hand was a thrilling battle from the drop of the green flag as polesitter Hayes shared the lead with four other drivers over the course of twelve laps before prevailing for his second win in as many days. The top five karts finished just.635 seconds apart with Robby Bujdoso, Kyle Smith, Blaise Haynes and Austin Dilts following Hayes across the line in what was one of the most exciting races ever at the Wilson Circuit.

The Bergfelt Racing Cadets also featured some close racing with two of BeaveRun’s successful National racers showing the way. Trent Walko followed Breyton Santee to the checkered flag on Saturday after Santee pulled off a fantastic pass for the win on the white flag lap. The duo would reverse that order on Sunday; however Walko dispatched the notion of more last lap heroics by pulling out to a four second lead over the runner-up. Tyler Moneypenny was in striking distance on Saturday making it a three car race separated by less than a half second at the flag while Jacob Donald prevailed by a few inches in a three way battle for third on Sunday with Tommy Frazier and Ayrton Mutagaana.

O.P. Kinos and D.J. Opsatnik split the Turn1 ProSports Cadet Novice honors in a pair of races that featured the growing youth programs at BeaveRun. Four of the seven competitors were competing in their first ever races at BeaveRun including second and third place finishers on Saturday Arie Ammann and Dylan Latone, Sunday’s third place racer Jared Latone plus Dean Griffith. First year racers Austin Durick and Cody Galioto also brought home bests of second and fourth on the weekend.

Killen Karting Kid Karts had a small turnout on Saturday but rebounded with 11 karts on Sunday. The huge field featured races from 5-8 years old competing in both the Restricted and Unrestricted classes. Eli Ciotti and PJ Molnar, fresh from a good showing at the Kid Kart Nationals, were part of the large field that included Jacob & James Todd, Ariana Gnad, Nate Kazienko, Savannah Fitzgerald, Diamond Harper, Chase Smith and Dylan Fitzgerald.

Julian Garfield prevailed in the Rotax Mini Max race. The new class for BeaveRun in 2008 also saw Ryan Killen in competition.

BeaveRun Championship Karting Series returns to action Sunday August 24th for round nine of the twelve race series. The next BeaveRun Double is scheduled for September 13-14th. For more information about BeaveRun MotorSports Complex or the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series please visit or call 724.535.1000.

Killen Karting Kid Karts
Shane Killen
Ariana Gnad
Chase Smith
Dylan Fitzgerald

Nate Kazienko
Diamond Harper
James Todd
Jacob Todd
PJ Molnar
Eli Ciotti
Dylan Fitzgerald
Ariana Gnad
Savannah Fitzgerald
Shane Killen
Chase Smith

Bergfelt Racing Cadets
1 Breyton Santee
2 Trent Walko
3 Tyler Moneypenny
4 Ayrton Mutagaana
5 Jacob Donald
6 Tommy Frazier
7 Connor Gawry
8 Tyler Frankenberry
9 Andrew Bujdoso
10 Leo Stoica
11 Ayrton Climo
12 Justin DiMassa
13 DJ Opsatnik
14 Ty Flickinger
15 Matt Schlosser - DNF

1 Trent Walko
2 Breyton Santee
3 Jacob Donald
4 Tommy Frazier
5 Ayrton Mutagaana
6 Justin DiMassa
7 Tyler Frankenberry
8 Connor Gawry
9 O.P. Kinos
10 Ty Flickinger
11 Leo Stoica
12 Matt Schlosser - DNF
13 Ayrton Climo - DNF
14 Tyler Moneypenny - DNF
15 Andrew Bujdoso - DQ

Turn1 ProSports Cadet Novice
1 O.P. Kinos
2 Arie Ammann
3 Dylan Latone
4 Jared Latone
5 Austin Durick
6 Dean Griffith
7 Cody Galioto

1 DJ Opsatnik
2 Austin Durick
3 Jared Latone
4 Cody Galioto
5 Dylan Latone
6 Arie Ammann - DNF
7 Dean Griffith - DQ

Metric Screw and Fastener Yamaha Junior Supercan
1 Connor Hayes
2 Kylie Flickinger
3 Robert Bujdoso
4 Kyle Smith
5 Zack Knotts
6 Austin Dilts
7 Nick Rivellini
8 Blaise Haynes
9 Andy Schlosser
10 Garrett Sorley
11 Anthony Aiello
12 Frank DeMaria
13 Budd Mizer

1 Connor Hayes
2 Robert Bujdoso
3 Kyle Smith
4 Blaise Haynes
5 Austin Dilts
6 Kylie Flickinger
7 Nick Rivellini
8 Zack Knotts
9 Anthony Aiello
10 Andy Schlosser
11 Garrett Sorley
12 Charlie Eyster

American Power Sports Yamaha Heavy
1 Michael Roloson
2 Kyle Knecht
3 Peter Minnig
4 Randy D’Amato
5 Jim McCormick
6 Frank DeMaria - DQ

1 Michael Roloson
2 Kyle Knecht
3 Harry McElhaney
4 Peter Minnig
5 Jim McCormick - DNS
6 Jim Miller - DNS
7 Wiatt Gooden - DQ

JW’s Eurotech TAG
1 Chris Livengood
2 Brian O’Hara
3 Daniel Hewes
4 Jennifer Williams
5 Matt Machiko
6 John Flucker IV
7 Jeremiah Johnson
8 Cullen Noonen
9 Chris Maloney
10 Jimmy Fatum
11 Morgan Baker
12 John Bokovitz
13 Audrey Staton
14 John Flucker III
15 Joe Sylvester Jr.
16 Dave Downey
17 Drew Schaler
18 Henry Gnad
19 Paul Milleman - DNF
20 Ryan Zecman - DNF
21 Cy Schumacher - DNF
22 Joe Woronka - DQ

1 Chris Livengood
2 Jennifer Williams
3 Jimmy Fatum
4 Ryan Zecman
5 Matt Machiko
6 Daniel Hewes
7 Jeremiah Johnson
8 Cullen Noonen
9 Morgan Baker
10 Chris Maloney
11 John Flucker IV
12 Cy Schumacher
13 Audrey Staton
14 John Bokovitz
15 Drew Schaler
16 Joe Sylvester Jr.
17 John Flucker III
18 Mark Bergfelt
19 Dave Downey
20 Joe Woronka - DQ

Beasley Motorsports Stock Shifter
1 Noah Stark
2 Eric Morse
3 Jeff DeMello
4 Scott Nogrady
5 Chuck Kelly
6 Andy Stankiewicz - DQ

1 Noah Stark
2 Brian Goebel
3 Jeff DeMello
4 Scott Nogrady
5 Chuck Kelly
6 Eric Morse

1 Julian Garfield
2 Ryan Killen

1 Julian Garfield
2 Ryan Killen