SCCA Test & Tune Day - June 13, 2008



BeaveRun will host Test & Tune Sessions for SCCA competitors registered for the SCCA event on June 14 & 15, 2008

When:  Friday, June 13th from 9-5:00 Registration 7:30-9:00

Cost:  $150 for the full day

Registration:  Event Center Building from 8:00-9:00 am

Eligibility and other requirements for this event:

  • You must be registered to participate in the SCCA Double Regional Race at BeaveRun on June 14-15, 2008
  • Only SCCA Tech Inspected cars in class(es) for which you are registered in the above event are permitted

  • Driving suit & safety equipment required for driver per SCCA GCR

  • Must possess a valid SCCA Competition License

  • Muffled exhausts required (100 dbA limit or meeting the requirements set for the race event)

  • Drivers are responsible for the preparation and safety of their cars in accordance with the competition rules for the applicable race event.

As a Test & Tune Event:

  • Full safety equipment must be worn in accordance with SCCA racing Rules & Regulations

  • There will be an ambulance with EMT personnel stationed at the False Grid

  • Corner / flagging stations will be staffed

  • There will be run groups corresponding to those proposed for the SCCA Practice Schedule;  adjustments to the schedule will be made over the PA system as necessary. 

  • The Pit Out Signal will be in use to control entrance to the hot track

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