Coach the Coach with Speed Secrets


BeaveRun Driving Academy Teams up with Ross Bentley and Speed Secrets for an Exclusive two-day “Coach the Coach” program at BeaveRun MotorSports Complex

Dates: May 30 - 31, 2008

Start Time: 8:00

Program: Instructor’s workshop consisting of one day of classroom sessions with famed coach, Ross Bentley, focusing on the mental aspects of driving, job performance, communication and instructing and one day of hands on practice of exercises with Speed Secrets coaches in BeaveRun provided school cars

Cost: $360

Registration:  Limited to the first 25 applicants. Call BeaveRun at 724.535.1000. Ask for Krystal or Lauren

Goals:  Upon completion of program, participants will understand and be able to communicate the following principles and topics:

  • Instruction techniques for effective training
  • Determining instructor effectiveness - self evaluation
  • Effective training steps
  • Instructing vs. coaching
  • Why common instruction methods are often ineffective
  • Learning how the students’ minds work
  • Learning how students learn
  • Self coaching techniques
  • How to mentally prepare yourself before driving and/or coaching
  • How to improve driving feel
  • How to drive more consistently
  • How to improve focus and concentration
  • How to drive “at the limit”
  • How to make decisions that have more productive results
  • How to make fewer errors
  • How to use mental imagery more effectively
  • What vehicle dynamics means to the average driver and how to work with such dynamics
  • Triggering a performance state of mind
  • How to get into and stay in the “zone”

This program will be based upon and use the same advanced training methods taught to Speed Secrets coaches and law enforcement driver coaches. Classroom materials will be reinforced with on-track exercises designed to establish objectives, focus on key learning strategies and manage role playing scenarios to practice effective instructing techniques. Through this experience, participants will acquire the benefits of those mental strategies that Speed Secrets uses to train drivers and as a result they will: (a) become better drivers themselves; and (b) and acquire new skills important to develop a better understanding of how to coach driver/students.

By combining the Speed Secrets specialized techniques together with BeaveRun’s proven driver training exercises, participants will have a competitive edge unmatched by other instructors.  An added advantage is that the mental techniques learned in this program extend well beyond driving and will be beneficial in all of life’s high-stress situations.


Space is limited - Contact BeaveRun at 724.535.1000  to reserve your spot today!

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