Open Lapping sessions provide an opportunity for the "well-seasoned" roadcourse driver to get a lot of "On-Track Time."  These race track driving opportunities are different from the Flat Out Days that are regularly scheduled at BeaveRun:

  • Open Lapping sessions are not regularly scheduled... they become scheduled on short notice and normally occur as the result of a weekday event cancellation.

  • Open Lapping sessions provide no instruction for the driver... Flat Out Days provide classroom as well as in-car instruction for the driver.

  • Open Lapping sessions are exclusively for the veteran track driver... Flat Out Days can accommodate the inexperienced as well as the veteran.

  • The best way to be advised of an upcoming Lapping Day is via an email.  If you aren't already on BeaveRun's email distribution list, you can sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

To be eligible for Open Lapping events, drivers:

  • Must have previous BeaveRun track experience at an advanced level

  • Must be able to provide some proof of participation in driving/riding events at an advanced level (for example, three Group 3 Flat Out Days, personal recommendation of a chief instructor, PCA Group A/B, etc.)

  • Must be fully capable of safely handling high performance driving without the aid of instruction

  • Must have a valid driver's license and be over the age of 18 years. Under 18 will require parental consent form to be signed at registration

  • Drivers must wear an approved helmet (minimum of Snell 2000 or equivalent)

As a participant in Open lapping events, it is expected that you will bring with you the skills and knowledge to:

  • Immediately recognize and respond to the display of Race Flags

  • Understand and apply fundamental race track operational procedures as they apply to BeaveRun

  • Recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations while on-track and respond appropriately to changing conditions

  • Demonstrate a spirit of good sportsmanship and track etiquette

There will be:

  • Driver meeting but no classes or instructors

  • Several Run Groups

  • On-hour lunch break

  • Ambulance on standby

  • Corner workers

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Any closed-wheel car is eligible provided it meets safety criteria.
  • Certain trucks and SUV’s may be eligible but you must call for approval in advance
  • Roll bars are required for all convertibles & must run with top up unless equipped with arm restraints.
  • Functional factory bars and pop-up styles are acceptable.
  • Targa-style roofs (with roof in place) are also acceptable.
  • While responsibility for the mechanical fitness of the car is with the driver, the car may be subjected to a cursory technical inspection by event personnel and, if found to be unfit for the track, prohibited from entering the track.
  • Cars will not be admitted to the track without a properly completed and signed Vehicle Technical Inspection Form.  This form should be printed out and completed in advance of the Open Lapping Day and then presented to the Event Official stationed in the False Grid.  The form can be obtained at the track or by clicking the following link: Vehicle Technical Inspection Form.  Ignore any references to Flat Out Day


Cost and Payment Terms will be specified at the time of scheduling.


Saturday May 17th

9AM - 5PM













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