Vehicle dynamics Area (VDA)

Need wide open pavement?  Our 6.7 acre asphalt surface is specifically designed for vehicle training and testing applications.

BeaveRun's VDA is ideally suited to moderate-speed driver training, vehicle testing and a variety of automotive demonstrations and exhibits.  This very large surface is rather unique in that it does not have the storm water inlets, curbing and lighting fixtures that are common to most parking lots, thus making it free of any obstructions that would interfere with vehicular operations.

Important features are:

  • Total surface area:  6.7 acres / 290,500 sq ft
  • Pavement:  Polymer-based asphalt wear surface
  • Generous runoff areas on three sides
  • Uniform 2% slope for drainage
  • No light poles or other obstructions
  • Conveniently located with respect to other facilities
Ideally Suited for:
  • Corporate driving events
  • Auto manufacturer demonstrations & product launches
  • Vehicle dynamics training exercises
  • Car and cycle shows
  • Vendor displays
  • Autocrosses
  • Drift competitions
  • Skid pad testing
  • Brake testing (using 1,500 ft x 60 ft  "lead-in" roadway
  • Shock absorber testing (using 2 ft permanent ramp)

The VDA is truly a multi-purpose facility.



VDA as seen by the lens







The SB Image

BeaveRun Track Photographer





2001 BeaveRun Motorsports Complex