Race Fuels


Four grades of gasoline race fuels are normally available during the track's standard hours of operation:

  • 93 Octane Unleaded

  • 100 Octane Unleaded

  • 110 Octane Leaded

  • 112 Octane Leaded

The pumps are self-serve with the use of Visa, Master Card, Sunoco and other credit cards. When the track office is open and staffed, it is also possible to pay cash in advance for fuel.


Please note:

  • Fuels are not to be dispensed directly into a vehicle's fuel tank;  the length of the fuel hoses are shortened to prevent direct fueling.

  • Fuel is to be dispensed only into containers specifically designed for the transport of gasoline.

  • No fuel storage in buildingsUnder no circumstances shall fuel be stored inside any building at BeaveRun.

  • No fueling operations inside buildingsUnder no circumstances shall the fueling of vehicles (cars, bikes, karts) be done inside a building at BeaveRun.  All fueling operations are to be conducted in outside, well-ventilated areas.






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