BeaveRun maintains a fleet of 24 vehicles in support of it's various programs, including:

  • 6 Mazda6 Sport Sedans.  These front-wheel-drive vehicles are equipped with 3.0L, 4-valve V6 engines, making them ideal vehicles for our Road Safety training programs as well as for performance driving on the North Track.  Five of the vehicles are equipped with automatic transmissions and the sixth has a five-speed manual gear box.  Drivers frequently rent these vehicles to participate in BeaveRun's Flat Out Days.

  • 3 Spec Miata Race-Prepared Cars.  These cars are prepared to meet the performance and safety specifications set forth for the Spec Miata (SA) Class within SCCA's General Competition Rules.  These cars are definitely for the driver with an inclination toward the competition rather than the street driving end of the scale... no upholstery other than the race seat, the roll cage somewhat restricts normal entrance and exit techniques, 5-point harness, safety net instead of side window... and don't expect to carry on a conversation while underway.  Drivers frequently rent these vehicles to participate in BeaveRun's Flat Out Days, Competition Driving Schools and even races.

  • 15 Chevrolet Caprice / "Police Special" Sedans with LT1 Corvette engines.  With exceptional 5.7 liter engines under the hood, these were (and are still ) known by police officers as the four door Corvette, arguably the most capable police cruiser/sedans ever built. All of the Caprices in our fleet have upgraded brakes and lower control arms together with Bilstein Sport Shocks.  The factory-equipped ABS braking systems can be disabled with a switch within the passenger compartment to demonstrate and practice effective braking technique.  The Caprice Fleet supports our Security Schools, a variety of Police Training programs and our street driving programs.

  • 1 Mazda MX6. 

  • 1 Mazda Protege.  A fully prepared race car equipped with a race seat on the passenger side for a passenger or instructor.

  • 2 4-Wheel-Drive Sport Utility Vehicles... a Chevrolet Blazer and a Land Rover.  Having somewhat different handling and driveline /suspension characteristics, these two vehicles are used for our Off Road and SUV training programs.






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