Wilson Circuit - A Road Course for Karts, Motorcycles and Cars

The Wilson Circuit is one of  America's top-ranked karting tracks. But it is much more than that... it is also an ideal facility for pocket bike and YSR motorcycle racing and - in conjunction with some off-asphalt sections - the highly popular super motard racing.  At 26' in width, it is also an ideal track to support regular motor vehicle operations for training, corporate events and even autocrossing and drifting.

The karting/training track is .8 miles of 26' pavement designed to Pro Karting Standards, enabling karting participants to experience the thrill of a world-class track while providing the automobile trainee with an opportunity to experience control techniques at lower-than-normal highway speeds.


It's easy to see that the Wilson Circuit's layout is extremely flexible in terms of configuration.

Highlights of the Wilson Circuit

  • At 8/10 mile long and 26 feet wide, The Wilson Circuit is longer and wider than most other kart tracks in the United States;
  • The Wilson Circuit's unique design offers five distinctive racing configurations-something racers won't find anywhere else;
  • Racers can also run The Wilson Circuit in reverse direction, for a total of ten unique driving experiences;
  • The Wilson Circuit is one of only three tracks in the U.S. designed to meet the stringent specifications of Commission International du Karting (CIK). CIK is the sanctioning organization for international kart racing;
  • Thanks to The Wilson Circuit's unique design, as well as its two separate pit areas, we're able to run simultaneous events or split groups to facilitate event management;
  • The Wilson Circuit is also ideal for all types of product testing and development.
  • Auto manufacturers have found the Wilson Circuit to be perfectly suited to demonstrating handling and performance in a controlled environment that realistically mimics a secondary road.
The BeaveRun Karting Center

The BeaveRun Karting Center is responsible for administering operation of the Wilson Circuit, serving the karting, pocket biking and YSR biking functions of BeaveRun Motorsports Complex. The BeaveRun Karting Center strives to:

  • Provide a facility for introducing the general public to the sport of karting.
  •  Provide opportunities for the general public to experience the thrill of karting without the need for a significant financial investment.
  • Foster the development of driving and riding skills within the framework of good sportsmanship.
  • Organize and host competition events in karting as well as in reduced-scale motorcycling (such as for pocket bikes and YSR bikes).

The BeaveRun Karting Center is open to the public on a seasonal basis, from early spring through late fall, with the opening and closing dates being determined largely on the basis of weather.


Wilson Circuit as seen by the lens






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