Flat Out Friday  (Not always on Friday...  We may celebrate FOF any day of the week!)


Driver Eligibility

Any licensed driver who is over the age of 18 years.

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Any car is eligible provided it meets the following criteria.
  • Certain trucks and SUV’s are allowed to participate. You must call for approval.
  • Roll bars are required for all convertibles.
  • Functional factory bars and pop-up styles are acceptable.
  • Targa style roofs are also acceptable.
  • The car must pass a cursory technical inspection. (See our tech sheet for specifics)

General Policies

  • A cursory technical inspection will take place in the morning.
  • Qualified Snell helmets (1995 or newer) are required (some rental helmets are available).
  • If you have a modified car, be sure to comply with the technical inspection sheet completely.
  • Gates will open at 8 am.
  • All participants MUST attend the driver’s meeting, which begins promptly at 9am. You should allow enough time to register, remove all loose items from your car and present it for technical inspection.
  • You will NOT be allowed to participate if you miss the drivers meeting.

Coming Attractions

  • All new for 2004...  skid pad sessions will be available during FOF


Cost is $175 per person up to one week prior to the event. One week prior and at the gate cost is $185. Two drivers may register the same car and run in separate sessions.


This event is limited to 65 participants. Pre-registration is not required but is recommended. If you fail to pre-register, and we do not have enough instructors available to conduct FOF safely, you will not be able to participate.

Refund Policy

If you are unable to attend, you must call the office before the event begins and you may reschedule one time, after which you forfeit your fee. Please call the office to reschedule. 



Registration Forms

Click here to get the Registration Form for an Open Lapping Day.

If you are a Pre-Approved BeaveRun Instructor, click here for the Instructor Registration Form for a particular Open Lapping Day (or other event requiring instructors).

FAX completed forms to 724-535-0100

Who To Contact About FOF

Please contact the BeaveRun Office at 724-535-1000


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