Got adrenaline?  Have a need for serious adventure?  We have a variety of ways to fulfill your needs:

  • How about taking a shot at our 007 Experience that duplicates many of the exercises of our security school, from "reverse 180's" to barricade breaching... all in our Corvette LT-1 powered Chevy Caprice "police" vehicles

  • Do some laps around the North Track in a 160 MPH Formula Mazda - serious adrenaline. 

  • Bring your car (or rent one of ours) to one of our Flat Out Days and get some performance driving instruction plus a lot of track time on our road course.  Oh, yeah... did we mention that there's no speed limit?

  • Karting is another serious adventure.  For a few bucks you can pilot one of our Birel-chassis rental karts.  Once "you've caught the bug" you'll probably want to move up into a racing kart or get together with some companions and do some "friendly" kart racing.





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