Speed4U, L.P., is the business organization responsible for developing and operating BeaveRun Motorsports Complex through it's general partner, PM Park, Inc. The principals are Thomas C. Wettach, Timothy W. Silbaugh, Earl L. Seiler and Scot W. Silbaugh. Both Tom Wettach and Tim Silbaugh are motorsports enthusiasts, members of the BMW CCA and participants in the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association.

Tom Wettach, who resides in the Pittsburgh suburb of Thornburg, Pennsylvania, practices patent, copyright, and business law on an international basis and is counsel to the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Tim Silbaugh is also an attorney, with offices in Butler and Valencia, Pennsylvania, concentrating his practice in real estate development and finance. He is on the Board of Directors and is counsel to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association.

Scot Silbaugh, who resides near the BeaveRun facility in Koppel, Pennsylvania, has been working on the development of BeaveRun since recently completing a six-year tour in the United States Navy. Scot has been concentrating on the Wilson Circuit and growth of the karting programs, including all aspects of BeaveRun's own Karting Series.

Earl Seiler, Construction Manager for BeaveRun, lives in Wilkins Township, Pennsylvania. Earl has over 40 years of experience in a variety of engineering, project management and computer systems development environments. He is responsible for building BeaveRun to specification within budget and schedule constraints. He is an avid motorsports driving enthusiast, participating in many Porsche Club track events.

Krystal Barry, Office Manager for BeaveRun, lives in nearby Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. She is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, receiving a degree in Recreation and Parks Management with a minor in Business, credentials well-suited to her work at BeaveRun. Krystal is the coordinating force behind event scheduling, promotion and resources management.

Wilson Motorsports, Inc., a consulting firm retained as BeaveRun's primary track design resource, have as its principals Alan Wilson and his wife, Desiree Wilson. Mrs. Wilson is well known as the first female F1 champion. She continues to race shifter karts and works regularly with premier automobile manufacturers in managing their "ride and drive" programs. Mr. Wilson, who is generally recognized as the world's foremost track designer, has raced both motorcycles and automobiles internationally. He managed Brands Hatch for several years and has developed and produced both permanent and temporary road racing facilities throughout the Americas. Alan Wilson's tracks are known not only for their challenging layout, but perhaps more importantly, for their steadfast attention to safety.

George Patterson, Marketing Consultant for BeaveRun, lives in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. He has over a decade of sales and marketing experience, on both the national and international level. His contributions are focused on strategic plans and building awareness of the BeaveRun brand. He and his wife are both active Porsche Club driving enthusiasts.

Gray – Warnick Engineering, located just west of Butler, PA in the Mount Chestnut area, provides engineering services for the project. With a vast range of experience in all types of land development, Gray – Warnick has the expertise necessary to transform the conceptual designs of BeaveRun into a facility that will satisfy the owners, the intended users and the governmental framework within which the facility must reside. Highly detailed drawings are the usual end product, serving as the key instrument of communication with the many technical and administrative groups involved with the complex’s design and construction. Providing on-going engineering work in conjunction with excavation and construction, their work will continue through completion of the project.

Joe Gray, P.E. , lives in Butler, Pennsylvania and is the owner of Gray – Warnick Engineering. Joe has a wealth of civil engineering experience and has been involved in the planning and design of BeaveRun since the track’s conception in 1998. Joe works closely with his team to plan, design and obtain approvals for the project.

Mike Ogin, P.E., lives in Butler, Pennsylvania. Mike is a project manager for Gray – Warnick Engineering with over 15 years of experience in the civil engineering field. He works closely with the BeaveRun Team and the various municipal authorities.

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