BeaveRun Dirt Days!




BeaveRun Dirt Days

General Guidelines & Rules for BeaveRun Dirt Days

  • RSVP is requested for Dirt Days - With your RSVP please include your contact info and vehicle type. 

  • Be On Time - Please allow time for travel and respect the time the ride is to start.  If you’re running late the day of the event please call us for additional help or directions!

  • Keep them in your sights - When riding on a trail, do not let the person behind you out of site. If you lose sight of them, STOP!

  • There will be no alcohol on any trail - Bring food & non-alcoholic beverages. Feel free to bring your own food and please pick up any trash that you may see on the trails.

  • TREAD LIGHTLY & stay on the designated trails - It's important that we tread lightly and have as little impact on the trails as possible.  Travel "as slow as possible and as fast as necessary".

  • Listen to our guides- Our guides will help spot you through challenging obstacles.  Let them know if you require special assistance.  They have been here before and are here to help you!

  • Ask for help - It's ok to ask for help or a spotter to get over an obstacle; same goes for a strap. Getting stuck is part of the sport and working as a team to help others is why we are here.

  • Children & Pets need to be safe - This means they must be monitored by their parent/guardian at all times!!  Make sure your pet is strapped in securely. Pets can get hurt from bouncing around just as easily as humans can.

  • No moving obstacles or Modifying the trails - We have specific paths and obstacles on the trails at BeaveRun. Some people have a habit of making the trail work for them instead of employing a recovery system or driving technique to get them through an obstacle.


  • Level 1 - "Get your tires dirty", mild challenges, intro to off-road.  Certainly not "easy".  Great for stock or light modified trucks.

  • Level 2 - The majority of our trails and challenge spots.  Lift, Locker and Skids highly recommended.

  • Level 3 - Equivalent to black level trails at other OHV.  These are our higher end challenge spots.  Very tight sections.

*(note, if you have not been to Dirt Days, you must start on Level 1 or 2)



Vehicle Requirements

  • Tow points front and rear

  • Recovery/ tow strap

  • General safety/inspection requirement. (no leaky fluid/ bad tires, etc.)

Any other questions please contact Chris Huff ([email protected])





'08 Dirt Days Schedule

September 28th

October 18th

October 19th

November 23rd


9-10 AM Registration

10-4PM Event


Cost - $35/vehicle

$10/ extra passenger




Please RSVP before attending: [email protected]


Vendor Opportunities Available






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