WERA Racers Hit the Pavement at BeaveRun With Their 160 mph Road-racing Super bikes

Bring the family to the most exciting season opener in the area!!  See the races, and experience the thrills in-person at BeaveRun. It’s a full weekend of thrills and speed at BeaveRun WERA. racers will be go at it in wheel-to-wheel action on both days.

  • See the races and experience the thrills in-person at BeaveRun
  • Get the full impact of the sights, sounds and smells of racing that you can only get by being there in person

On Saturday the 29th, WERA will be rolling with:

  • Rider's School-This is your opportunity to get started.  Contact WERA for details at http://www.wera.com.
  • "Solo 20" races of 16-20 laps, having a payback purse for each of the classes offered... Heavyweight, Mediumweight and Lightweight.

On Sunday the 30th, WERA has a full day of racing excitement lined up:

  • Sprint Racing at it's very best
  • Classes to accommodate each brand and type of motorcycle
  • WERA Vintage Racing

Starting Time & Admission

  • Admission is just $10/day & $20/weekend
  • Kids under 12 are free!

Call 724.535.1000 for more information.

What is WERA?

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc has been North America's roadracing leader for over 30 years and is one of the oldest and largest national sanctioning bodies conducting motorcycle races at road courses across the United States.  2004 marked the 30th Anniversary for WERA Motorcycle Roadracing.  There are over 3,000 +/- roadracers holding a competition license, with over 135 Lifetime Members (held a Competition License for ten consecutive years) 75 +/- Mini License holders.  WERA offers rider's schools and entry level racing for anyone with a motorcycle and offers three types of racing:

A Bit About the WERA Sportsman Series

This is where it all begins for anyone who is interested in motorcycle roadracing.  The Series is geographically set to hold 10 to 12 races per geographical region giving a rider the ability to compete in the series without traveling across the country.  There are classes to accommodate each brand and type of motorcycle; the weekends can include a rider's school on Saturday, with WERA Vintage Racing. The Sportsman Series weekends have Solo 20 racing on Saturday, except at the WERA West rounds.  Solo 20 races are 16-20 laps and have a 50% payback purse for each of the classes offered - Heavyweight, Mediumweight and Lightweight.  For all other classes, the rider accumulates points in their class in their Region and can qualify for the WERA Grand National Final which is held at the end of each season and pits the best in each Region for the coveted WERA National Championships for their classes.  WERA GNF invitations are a coveted prize and the event is one of the biggest motorcycle roadracing events in the U.S. each fall!  All riders must qualify to participate in the WERA GNF.

WERA's History

WERA began as ERA founded by Dr. Peter Frank and his wife Patty O'Brien Frank in early 1973 on the East Coast of the U.S.  In 1974 ERA became WERA and expanded and became one of the first sanctioning bodies to host events all across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  In 1980 WERA moved to South Carolina.  Dr. Frank and his wife sold the business in 1983 and in September of 1984, Patty O'Brien Frank, C.E. Pritz, Jr. And Evelyne Clarke (f/k/a Pritz) purchased WERA back.  Evelyne Clarke has been CEO of WERA since September of 1984.  In July of 1994, C.E. Pritz and Evelyne Clarke bought Patty O'Brien Frank's interest and in 2005 Evelyne Clarke purchased her remaining partners interest.  She continues to run and now owns the corporation.  In 1995 the business moved from South Carolina to Georgia and officially changed their name from Western Eastern Roadracers Association to WERA Motorcycle Roadracing, Inc.   With a staff of 4 at the Headquarters and a multitude of local regional officials and volunteers, WERA Motorcycle Roadracing tries to give their riders the same hassle free experience from event to event across the U.S. and to provide them with the stepping stone they need if they aspire to seek a career in motorcycle roadracing, or give them the opportunity to realize their dream of racing a motorcycle.

For more information on WERA Motorcycle Roadracing check out their web site at www.wera.com or call WERA at (770)720-5010.



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