Fall Festival and Concours d’Elegance at BeaveRun

Friday, September 9th & Saturday, September 10th, 2005


Benefiting the construction of the new children’s playroom in the emergency department at The Medical Center, Beaver, part of the
Heritage Valley Health System.


Please join us for our inaugural Fall Festival and Concours d’Elegance at BeaveRun on September 9th and 10th. While we are certainly automotive and motorsports enthusiasts, we are also dedicated to our community, and have decided to donate proceeds from our Fall Festival and the Concours d’Elegance to The Medical Center, Beaver, to fund the construction of a children’s play area in the emergency department. We will create proceeds by offering to our patrons a unique festival celebrating friendship, elegance and motorsports.


The Concours will present a select and unique group of motorcars at BeaveRun MotorSports Complex while we also host a fun rally, Viper Days, the Altered Gas Hot Rod Circus, the Beaver County Cruise, live music, fireworks and a special Moving Moments Preview Reception.


The Concours d’Elegance will feature a unique group of cars such as a 1901 Artzberger, the 1903 Baker Electric, The $750,000+ Callaway collection, a 100 point 1966 Pontiac GTO Convertible, a GT-1 Corvette, the $1.5M MARK II GT-40 and a 1953 one-of-a-kind race car provided by The National Packard Museum.

Unlike many Concours, the Concours d’Elegance at BeaveRun will be part of an exciting day of motorsports, racing, muscle car displays, activities and music. The festival will bring back memories with
music by Pure Gold and be punctuated with fireworks on Saturday at dusk. We are limiting the number of cars to be judged to 80 of the finest motorcars among those submitted for showing and we will not favor any marque.

We also invite Concours entries to participate in a
fun rally through scenic western Pennsylvania during the morning of Friday, September 9th.

On Friday evening at 7:00, the BeaveRun Hospitality Center will come to life with the Moving Moments Preview Reception. We will feature hors d’oeuvres prepared by some of the finest chefs in the area, live music, new artwork celebrating moving moments in time, track rides in fine automobiles and an auction of surprising gifts. The silent auction will include such notable items as: 

  • 2 weekend "getaway packages"

  • Sports memorabilia

  • A 2-day Bertil-Roos Racing School valued at nearly $3,000.

The Moving Moments Preview Reception will also be featuring a five-car display of rarely-seen Callaway vehicles.

In summary, we invite you to join us in this festival, where racers, enthusiasts, spectators and sponsors will gather to enjoy themselves, to drive through beautiful countryside, to race, to compete, to view and to immerse themselves in motorcars and motorsports, to hear wonderful music and to watch spectacular fireworks. We promise to create a time that you, your friends and business associates will not forget


Don't miss this weekend of excitement... from poring over the cars in the Concours d'Elegance to watching wheel-to-wheel racing action on the track.

Schedule of Events

Friday, September 9th  
9:00 am Viper Days Practice Day at BeaveRun  
9:00 am - Noon Moving Moments Road Tour begins at Marriott North and ends at BeaveRun (cost $15/car)  
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm Kart Rentals on Wilson Circuit  
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm Moving Moments Preview Reception (cost $20/person  
Saturday, September 10th  
7:30 am Field Opens for Car Placement  
8:00 am Viper Days at BeaveRun - practice and racing all day  
8:30 am Judges Breakfast and Meeting  
9:30 am Concours Cars in Place  
10:00 am Beaver County Cruise on BeaveRun VDA  
10:00 am - 2:30 pm Product Display and Drives on BeaveRun Wilson Circuit  
10:30 am Concours Judging Begins  
11:00 am Concours Opens to Public  
11:30 am Opening Ceremonies for the Day  
11:30 am - 1:30 pm Parade Laps on North Course (45 minutes - time dependent upon Viper Days Schedule - donation to Charity)  
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Kart Rentals on Wilson Circuit  
4:30 pm - 8:00 pm Hot Rod Circus: 1/8 mile heads-up acceleration runs... “Street racing without the jail time” (cost: $25 to participate)  
5:00 pm Concours Awards Ceremony  
6:30 pm Charity Kart Race on Wilson Circuit  
7:00 pm Live Music by Pure Gold  
7:45 pm Awards Ceremony for Kart Race  
Dusk Fireworks by Starfire  
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For further information, call BeaveRun at    724-535-1000

The Moving Moments Preview Reception will feature a five-car display of the following rarely-seen Callaway vehicles


Blue Callaway LM #005.  Callaway produced 9 LM cars, 4 were used for endurance racing, campaigned throughout Europe and 5 were sold for the street. The Callaway LM sat on the GT2 pole at LeMans in 1996 and also won the 1996 Manufacturers World Championship. This displayed car produces 470 hp and 435 lbs ft of torque.



Silver Convertible Callaway SuperNatural LT-4 #001.  Callaway produced a line of engine modifications for LT-1 and LT-4  engines called "SuperNatural"... because modifications involved naturally aspirating the existing stock Corvette engine. The displayed car is  the first LT-4 produced by Callaway, 466 hp and 440 lb ft of torque.



Purple Convertible Callaway Twin Turbo #506.  Callaway produced 508 twin turbo cars between 1986 and 1991. The twin turbo car could be ordered direct from the Chevrolet dealership by checking RPO B2K. The B2K option was an engine-option-only at a $33,000 adder with body, paint and suspension options being additional. The display car produces 403 hp and close to 600 lb ft of torque.

Red coupe Callaway CR-1 #001. In 1990 Chevrolet developed the Corvette ZR-1, their entry to the development of a super car and, as a result, Chevrolet suspended their agreement with Callaway to modify/ sell the twin turbo corvette. Callaway subsequently developed the CR-1 from the ZR-1 platform. The standard Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 produced 385 hp, while the Callaway CR-1 produced 475 hp. Over the next few years of development Callaway increased CR-1 horsepower another 30 hp to 505 hp with the addition of various exhaust modifications. The display vehicle is producing 505 hp and 425 lb ft of torque and is #001.


Silver coupe Callaway C-8 #001.  This is the first Callaway C-8 Camaro, prototype. Car has been in various magazines most notable was Motor Trend March '94 "Worlds Baddest Camaro". Designed by Paul Deutschman and built in Canada, the displayed car produces 404 hp and 412 lb ft of torque.





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