Drift Days

Drift Days events are being produced through the combined effort of BeaveRun Motorsports Complex and the STREET HEATERS television program, the goal being to provide exciting and competitive events that center on Drifting… motorsports’ newest and fastest growing activity.  In addition to the competition, a Drift School will be incorporated into each of the Drift Days events (except the "Competition Only" event on Sept. 11th).

Drift School

Objective - Introduce people to drifting and the basic skills necessary to control vehicles in drifting. 

Class Size - 9 students per school to ensure good individual instruction


  • 9 am - Classroom - car control basics

  • 10 am - Car control practice focused on braking, braking in a turn, skid pad

  • 11 am - classroom follow-up

  • 11:30 - advanced driving - skid pad & figure 8

  • 12:30  pm - wrap up

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Drift Day Schedule

Registration begins at Noon at the Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA) for Drift practice and the Drift Competition. Drift School participants must be Pre-Registered.

Practice will then begin at 1:15 and last till 3:00.  This will allow students to hone their skills, competitors time to practice and warm up, and anyone who wishes to give drifting a try the ability to take their own cars out for a spin.

The Drift Competition will start promptly at 3:30 and last until approximately 6:00.  Competitors will show their skills as they go head to head against one another to find out who is the best drifter. 


Each race will award prizes and points will be kept throughout the season for a final Competition on September 11, where a grand prize (yet to be announced) will be awarded.

Here are our Points Leaders as as we head into our last event on Sunday September 11th:

Fedor Andreev 30                      
Steve Sokol 24
Marc Rozzo 23
Tadashi Ikegami 20

Driver Eligibility

Any licensed driver who is over the age of 18 years. Under 18 will require parental consent form to be signed at registration.

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Any car is eligible provided it meets safety criteria. 
  • Certain trucks and SUV’s are allowed to participate. You must call for approval.
  • Roll bars are not required.
  • Standard 3-point seat belts are acceptable
  • Qualified Snell helmets (1995 or newer) are required (some rental helmets are available).
  • Click here for Complete Drift Days Rules & Regulations


  • Saturday, June 11th
  • Saturday, July 2nd
  • Saturday, August 6th
  • Saturday, August 13th
  • Sunday, September 11th (Competition only; no school; Practice will start at 10AM)


  • $125.00 to participate in the Drift School (Limited to Nine; First-Come-First-Served)
  • $25.00 to participate in the Drift Practice
  • $50.00 to participate in the Drift Competition
  • $7.00 to spectate


  • Drift School application and payment must be received 48 hours prior to event start time.
  • No pre-registration required for the Drift Competition

Click here for Registration Form

Click here for video of Professional Drifting on North Track



Who To Contact About Drift Days

Please contact the BeaveRun Office at 724-535-1000





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