BeaveRun's Adverse Weather Driving Program

Take control of the road and your vehicle while gaining the necessary skills to pilot your way through all weather conditions in BeaveRun's Adverse Weather Driving Program. This "real world" in-car driver training program will provide individuals with the ability to maintain full control of any vehicle in adverse weather conditions including rain, snow and ice.

Certified professional instructors will cover vehicle dynamics and control methods through classroom instruction. Participants will then get behind the wheel of their own vehicles on BeaveRun's 6-acre Vehicle Dynamics Area to gain practical experience. A series of skid control exercises will be executed in addition to vehicle recovery techniques in slippery weather, all in a safe controlled environment.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn the ultimate in car control for the next time you find yourself caught in adverse weather. Spectators are welcome to watch friends and family from BeaveRun's panoramic viewing area.


  • Gates Open 7:30 a.m.
  • $190 per person
  • $5 General admission
  • Maximum number per class: 20
  • Program time: One day - 9 am to 4:30 pm
  • Lunch provided
  • Certificate of Completion Awarded
For more information, call 724-535-1000

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