Flat Out [day of week]...  We may celebrate "Flat Out" any day of the week!

Flat Out Days are day-long opportunities to take your car (or ours) onto a genuine race course and experience the thrill of spirited driving. Emphasis is on learning and practicing high performance driving but within a controlled, noncompetitive environment.  Specific goals are:

  • To learn the meanings of, and appropriate responses to, the display of Race Flags

  • To learn fundamental race track operational procedures

  • To learn the basic terminology of performance driving as an effective means of communications

  • To learn the fundamentals of vehicle dynamics and gain behind-the-wheel experience in them

  • To recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations while on-track

  • To respond appropriately when dangerous situations occur

  • To instill a spirit of good sportsmanship and track etiquette

  • To recognize and appreciate effective driving

  • To encourage participation in road course activities and thus the growth of the sport

  • To leave at the end of the day feeling satisfied in having improved your abilities… and, of course, with a grin on their face

Driver Eligibility

Any licensed driver who is over the age of 18 years is eligible. Licensed drivers under 18 will require parental consent form to be signed at registration.

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Any closed-wheel car is eligible provided it meets safety criteria.  Motorcycles are not eligible for this event; riders should seek to get a group together for a "bikes only" version of a Flat Out day.
  • Certain trucks and SUV’s are allowed to participate if suitably prepared. You must call for approval.
  • Roll bars are required for all convertibles; must run with tops up unless equipped with arm restraints.
  • Functional factory bars and pop-up styles are acceptable.
  • Targa-style roofs are also acceptable so long as panels are in place or equipped with arm restraints.
  • A technical inspection by a qualified mechanic must be conducted prior to the event and a signed Vehicle Technical Inspection Form must be presented before your vehicle will be permitted on the track.
  • While BeaveRun will not be conducting its own vehicle inspection at the track, the car may be subjected to a cursory technical inspection and denied entry to the track if it does not conform to our Technical Inspection Guidelines. See our Technical Inspection Guidelines.
  • Novice and intermediate drivers (Groups 1 and 2) must have a vehicle equipped with a passenger seat and seat belt(s) for an instructor which are equivalent to that which is installed for the driver.

General Policies

  • Flat Out Days are "rain or shine" events (like car and bike roadracing and football).
  • Cars will not be admitted to the track without a properly completed and signed Vehicle Technical Inspection Form.  This form should be printed out and completed in advance of the Flat Out Day (see Vehicle Eligibility Section above) and then presented to the Event Official stationed in the False Grid.  The form can be obtained at the track or by clicking the following link: Vehicle Technical Inspection Form
  • Snell SA-rated helmets (2000 or newer) are required.  Must have Snell sticker affixed to inside of helmet.  Motorcycle helmets are not acceptable.  Don't spend a bundle on your car and only a few bucks protecting your head.  A limited number of rental helmets are available.
  • Gates will open at 7:30 am.
  • All participants MUST attend the driver’s meeting, which begins promptly at 9am. You should arrive early enough to allow time to register, remove all loose items from your car and otherwise prepare your car and yourself for your driving sessions.
  • You will NOT be allowed to participate if you miss the drivers meeting.


Pre-Payment is Required

  • You will not be considered a participant in the event until payment is received.

  • If pre-payment is not received by 7:30 AM two days before the beginning of the event, your application will be put into a “standby list” according to the time it was received and BeaveRun may relinquish your “slot” to an applicant who has paid in advance. That is, if the event is scheduled for Friday, and payment is not received by 7:30 AM on Wednesday, your application will be placed on “standby”.  Regardless, payment must be received before the commencement of the event

  • Payment may be submitted in advance via:

Pre-Registration is Mandatory

  • Pre-registration is mandatory in order to plan instructional needs and because the event is limited to 60 participants. If you fail to pre-register and we are sold out or do not have enough instructors on-hand, you will not be able to participate.

  • Even if payment is to be in the form of a Gift Certificate, Pre-Registration is required.

Cancellation Policy & Forfeiture Costs

If you are unable to attend, you must notify  BeaveRun in writing via:

  • Email to:  [email protected] or
  • FAX to 724-535-0100
  • Cancellation by phone call is not possible because the Office is frequently closed immediately prior to an event

There are forfeiture costs associated with cancellation, with any remaining balance being applied to a future Flat Out Day.  If you notify the BeaveRun Office of your cancellation:

  • On the day of the event, but prior to commencement of track-side Registration (7:30 AM), you will forfeit $100.00 of your advance payment.
  • Within 48 hours prior to the event’s track-side Registration Time (7:30 AM) you will forfeit $50.00 of your advance payment.
  • More than 48 hours prior to the event’s Registration Time (7:30 AM) you will be permitted to reschedule, one time only, for a future Flat Out Day without forfeiting any of your advance payment.
  • Without notification prior to 7:30 AM of the day of the event, you will forfeit your entire advance payment.


  • What happens if its raining or rain is forecasted?  The Flat Out Days are not cancelled due to rain.  In many ways, it’s an advantage to drive in the rain… especially for the comparatively inexperienced driver.  Driving on a road course may be likened to a football game with respect to weather… a somewhat more challenging environment… not a “show stopper.”

  • Am I allowed to take a passenger out on the track?  Drivers are not permitted to take passengers onto the track, regardless of whether the passenger is a registered participant.  Only Flat Out Instructors are permitted to have passengers accompany them during an on-track session.

  • Can I have a camcorder in my car?  Camcorders are permitted provided that they are secured on a commercial mount.  Hand-held cameras are not permitted.

  • Must my drivers-side window be open?  Yes… it must be fully open at all times while on the track so that you can make the required signals.

  • Must my passenger-side window be open?  No… it can be fully open or fully closed but not somewhere in between.

  • Can I split my registration so that another driver and I can alternate sessions?  No…  the instructional and safety aspects of the program cannot accommodate this.

  • My car is broken down (or I have to leave early)… can my friend run my remaining sessions?  No…  the instructional and safety aspects of the program cannot accommodate this.



On-Line Registration... the preferred way. 

To complete your Flat Out Day Registration on-line, please click here.

To pay for your Flat Out Day using a credit card or PayPal, please click here.

Hardcopy Registration Form

Click here to get the hardcopy Registration Form for a Flat Out day... must be mailed or FAXed to arrive at BeaveRun 48 hours before the event's track-side registration. FAX completed form to 724-535-0100 (or drop into mail if there is sufficient time).

Be sure to print out and follow the instructions for:

Technical Inspection Guidelines

Vehicle Technical Inspection Form

Especially if you're new to the sport, you'll want to print out and study the basic terminology provided in the following documents:

Race Flags and Their Meaning

Passing Signals & Passing Procedure

Glossary of Driving Terms

If you are a Pre-Approved BeaveRun Instructor, please contact the track in advance of an event to indicate that you plan to participate as an instructor.

For further information about Flat Out Days, please contact the BeaveRun Office at 724-535-1000


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