BeaveRun's 2003 Kart Racing Series & Schedule

Wilson Circuit

The 2003 karting season will include a variety of race programs to challenge persons of all skill levels. To learn more about karting at BeaveRun, go to
BeaveRun Karting Center.

4-Race Preseason Series: The Spring Sprints
12 Race Championship Series
6 Race Oval Series
4 Race Fall Finals Series
2 Endurance Races (participant karts)
Endurance Races (BeaveRun karts)
National Kart Racing Event Schedule
Rate Information
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2003 Spring Sprints

Best 3 of 4 races will be presented awards after the 4th event.

2003 BeaveRun Championship Series

Best 8 of 12 events

2003 Oval Series

Best 4 of 6 events.

2003 Fall Finals

Awards given at each event.

Endurance Racing Schedule (Participant Karts)

BeaveRun will host 2 karting endurance races with participants providing their own karts. Teams will consist of 2-4 drivers. Events will be 2-3 hours in length. Classes, rules, and fees to be published… let us know your suggestions. The scheduled dates are:

Endurance Racing Schedule (BeaveRun Karts)

BeaveRun Karting Center will host an endurance race, using our Trackmagic rental karts, on Saturday evenings throughout the summer. These races will be contingent upon availability of the Wilson Circuit… so keep current with our event schedule.

National Kart Racing Event Schedule

The following are some of the Regional and National events scheduled at BeaveRun for 2003:

Race Fee Schedule

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