Right Track Riders School and Track Day
September 7, 2002

Ohio-based Right Treack Days is bringing its full-day Right Track motorcycle riding school and track day program to BeaveRun. Whether you're a novice or expert rider, own a starter bike or a performance-tuned race bike, you'll find this school meets all your needs. And, if you're already an experienced racer, or have previously completed an advanced riding school, you'll want to take advantage of the "track day only" portion of the Right Track program and spend maximum time on BeaveRun's great new road course. The Right Track program features small groups of same-skill level riders (novice and intermediate), one-on-one instruction from seasoned veterans, minimal motorcycle prep and no membership fees. It's a great way to learn riding dynamics or to finetune your racing skills.

  • Gates open at 7:30 am
  • $175.00 (school) or $160.00 (track time only)
  • Full leathers required for intermediate and advanced groups
  • Leather or sport textile jacket, pants and boots required for novice group
  • Rain or shine
  • To register, or for information, contact Pat Mattachione at 330.940.3527 or Don Jones at 724.333.4689

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