BeaveRun’s Total Road Skills Course



This is one day that you won’t forget.  Whether you are young or more mature, whether you have just begun driving or you have been driving for many years, your Total Road Skills will increase dramatically as a result of attending our one-day specialized training course where we focus on survival techniques on the road.

You will receive both classroom instruction as well as hours of in-car training.  This course is not driver education.  We leave parallel parking and reading road signs to others.  Unlike many driving programs, our course extends beyond slow speed car control in a parking lot.  After all, how many serious collisions occur in parking lots?  On the other hand, our highly experienced instructors, all of whom are specialized in security vehicle training, will guide you through the elements necessary to create a foundation of good driving habits in our fleet of specially prepared training cars.

In the classroom, you will learn:

  • Vehicle dynamics and understand the communication loop between you and your car

  • Scanning techniques that will enable you to be proactive.

  • How to address unfolding situations before they become critical.

While you are in the car, you will both experience and learn:

  • How to control front and rear wheel skids.

  • Collision avoidance.

You will practice a host of exercises necessary to:

  • Hone your driving skills.

  • Address emergency situations.

  • Build confidence behind the wheel.

Our course also covers ABS and traction control systems.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report for 2005 states that the trend of reduction in traffic deaths reversed itself in 2005. Last year traffic deaths went up for the first time since 1986.  They are at the highest level since 1990.   It's clear that people of all ages should complete our Total Road Skills Course.

Comments from a young person who recently took the course:

  • It teaches you how to deal with situations you would encounter on the road, and how to really control a vehicle in emergency situations. 

  • I highly recommend this course to any driving teen. 

  • It’s much more advanced than a local driver’s-ed class.  I learned a lot, and my confidence level as a driver is much higher now. 

  • This was a wonderful experience and I had a great time. 

  • Read the full personal account of the Total Road Skills course by Jessiann Allen.

The cost for this life-saving program is only $345, and you put the wear and tear on our car, not yours. Invest in your performance and survival on the road, and reserve your place now in the next class.  Call us at 724.535.1000.

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