BeaveRun has a network of rustic off-road trails that meander throughout the undeveloped portions of the property, many of them a carryover from the logging roads of years past.  These trails are narrow enough that they are limited to one-way traffic, yet they are wide enough to keep vehicles from being damaged from the adjacent forest's branches and thickets. 

Depending on the season, a drive on the trails can range from "straight forward for the inexperienced" to "challenging for even the expert"... and just about everything in between.

The off road trails offer:

  • An excellent opportunity for manufacturers to showcase their 4-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles in a natural setting

  • A variety of unpaved situations that are perfect for putting the potential customer and dealership personnel behind the wheel for test drives

  • An entertaining and unique venue for SUV and 4WD owners to experience the types of terrain for which their vehicles were designed

The trails consist of:

  • Approximately 5 miles of unimproved trails

  • Several Levels of Difficulty - Ranging from "get your tires dirty" to  "I wouldn't want to do that in YOUR rig!"


Off-Road Obstacle Course & Exercise Area:

Complementing the off-road trails is an exercise area designed primarily for teaching and practicing off-road driving techniques including moguls and inclines.


How to get on the trail:

BeaveRun DIrt Days

BeaveRun Off-Road Challenge (Team Building, Instructional)







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