Garage Rentals


About the BeaveRun Garages


  • There are 14 garage spaces available for rent, each garage space being approximately 16’ wide and 21’ deep.
  • Garages bays are numbered from left to right beginning on the restroom side of the building and the two garages within each bay are alphabetically designated “A”  on the side of the building facing the Wilson Circuit and “B” on the side facing the North Track (see layout sketch below).
  • Individual garage assignments will be made on a “first to lease” basis.


Rental Rates per Individual Garage:


  • Normal 2-day Weekend Event (6:00PM on Friday through 6:00PM on Sunday):  $120/weekend/single-bay unit or $210/weekend/double-bay unit
  • 3-Day Rental conducted over a weekend: $160/3 days/single-bay unit or $290/3 days/double-bay unit
  • Single-Day events conducted over a weekend:  $70/day/single-bay unit (6:00PM-6:00PM next day).
  • Single-Day events conducted on week days:  $70/day (6:00PM-6:00PM next day).
  • Some Special Event Weekends and 3-day weekends may be priced differently than above.
  • Consecutive Week Days (inquire for pricing).
  • Entire Garage rental (14 bays - non-race events). Rental period is from 6pm on the day before track rental to 6pm on the last day of the track rental).

    • $ 800    1-day event

    • $ 1,580 2-day event

    • $ 2,130 3-day event


A Club or other Group renting all 14 garages is eligible to receive a special group rate if paid upon execution of its rental agreement. (Please call for details)


Rules of Use


  • Vehicles, bikes, tools and related gear must remain within the rented garage boundaries and not encroach into the boundaries of adjacent garages, regardless of whether the adjacent garages are occupied.
  • Trailers, mobile homes and larger support vehicles are to be parked in paddock areas so that traffic around the building is not obstructed.
  • The upper parking lot (between garages and Wilson Circuit) may be used for normal-size (i.e., pickup trucks and cars) support vehicles but not for semi-rig tractors, mobile homes, camping trailers or vehicle hauling trailers. 
  • Use “out of the way” North Track Paddock areas for support conveyances other than pickup trucks and cars and use common sense so as not to rob other participants of desirable paddock spots.
  • Electrical power from within the garages is not to be extended outside the garages
  • Water from garage sources is not to be used for filling motor homes.  Water conservation is important because we are dependent on water wells for our supply.
  • Oils, brake fluids, antifreeze and solvents are not to be placed into sanitary sewer or storm drain inlets… they are to be properly disposed of in drums provided for that purpose (located near the shed on the Wilson Circuit Paddock Road).
  • Rental garages are to be left in the clean condition in which they were found.  If a garage is not completely clean at the beginning of the rental period, please notify the Track Office.



  • Each garage door will be locked with a “Track Padlock” until it has been paid for in advance.
  • Garages covered under a group contract will all be unlocked for use according to 6:00PM-6:00PM coverage period of the Rental Agreement.
  • Persons renting a garage may attach their own padlock to their garage door at night.  Recognize, however, that this does not totally secure your garage because others may still enter the garage bays through unlocked doors.
  • BeaveRun is enclosed with a security fence and has security personnel making rounds overnight when camping is permitted for an event.  However, the track is not responsible for any personal items left in the garages or elsewhere at the facility.

Garage Layout Sketch


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