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  BeaveRun features some of the most exciting motorsports action that can be found from high powered supercars to nimble sports cars to lightning quick formula cars. But racing is not just for those who can afford those machines. A short few steps away from the North Course lies the Wilson Circuit, home to BeaveRun's Karting community where you can either race your own machine or climb in to one of BeaveRun's own rental karts!

The rental karts at BeaveRun are not just the run of the mill fun park or boardwalk kart. These Honda powered machines reach speeds of 45 miles per hour! The wheel to wheel action onboard the race inspired Birel chassis will have you coming back for more.

During open kart rentals drivers can run with friends and/or other drivers in identically prepared machines. These sessions are open to all drivers 12 years of age and older who are able to safely reach the pedals. Open Lapping is scheduled at standard times each week from May through November and as weather permits outside of those months. Click on the schedule to the left to view available dates.

With the expansion of our fleet reservations will no longer be taken.  For group events contact BeaveRun at 724-535-1000.








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