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  • Drivers must wear safety gear; helmet, neck brace, jacket, and gloves. This gear is provided during Open Kart Rental Sessions. You must have long pants, close-toed shoes, and the above gear properly worn to enter the track.
  • A parent or guardian must be present to sign a waiver for anyone under 18.
  • Pedals can be adjusted for different heights, if you need assistance ask a track marshal.
  • Once you are seated and ready to go a track marshal will start your kart.
  • Do not move the kart until directed by a track marshal.
  • Always be smooth in your driving inputs, abrupt or turning the wheel to far can result in a turn over.
  • If you have mechanical difficulties raise your arm in the air to inform other drivers, coast offline to the edge of the track, and stay in your kart; a track marshal will assist you.
  • Look as far ahead as possible - you should always know what is happening at least through the next turn.
  • If your driving is considered to be reckless, or overly aggressive you will receive a rolled black flag as a warning if the unacceptable behavior continues you will be given a waiving black flag. At this point you must exit the track at pit in. Intentional reckless or overly aggressive driving may result in no warning and forfeiture of your time.
  • Once you receive the checkered flag your time is up; continue around the track to pit in. When slowing to enter the pits raise your hand in the air to warn other drivers that you are slowing down.
  • BeaveRun is not responsible for injury to person or damage or loss of personal affects.
  • Flags
    • Yellow - Caution no passing until past the incident
    • Green - Start of session
    • Rolled Black - Warning
    • Waiving Black - There is either a mechanical problem with your kart or your driving is unacceptable.
    • White - One lap to go (this will not be used all of the time)
    • Checkered - End of race or session
  • Contact/bumping will not be tolerated... you will be black flagged and forfeit your session.
  • Damage to your kart and/or equipment is your responsibility.
  • Failure to follow these rules could result in serious injury or death.
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