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Rental Kart Leagues:

The Rental Kart League Schedule and Pricing to be announced soon.
There will be three different classes for each season - Youth, Junior and Senior! Participants will take to the track for practice, qualifying, a pre-final race and a final race each week of the season. The entry list will be capped at 8 racers in each class.
To register for the Leagues please contact BeaveRun Karting or call 724.535.1000 ext 312. Individual race entries are encouraged to register in advance as well but all racers will still be able to enter and pay on race day provided there are seats available.
League Schedule:
Spring - TBD
Summer - TBD
Fall - TBD 
Rental Kart Team Enduros:
The Team Enduro schedule for 2011 is To Be Announced. This two hour endurance race format features the Birel Rock Karts on the .45 mile, ten-turn west portion of the Wilson Circuit.
Teams of two to six drivers take turns behind the wheel in a timed race where the winner completes the most laps in the allotted time period. The 2009 Enduro races featured winning margins as slim as just 2 seconds after 156 laps of competition with most races seeing a lead change in the final five laps!
The exciting racing has attracted several Rock Kart Racing regulars as well as entrants from AutoX, SCCA road racing and the BeaveRun Karting Series including several father/son and driver/sponsor teams which has made for some fast, close racing!
The Enduros feature several twists not typically seen in the Rock Kart racing programs. Tire management is a key issue as the fast pace tends to be harsh on left front tires. Also, driver management comes in to play as teams are required to make five pit stops over the course of the race. And of course Lady Luck is a huge factor at any endurance race.
The cost of the race is TBD per team and includes a full one hour of open practice before each race this season. Individual entries and partial teams are encouraged to enter as well and will be partnered with additional racers as needed. Mechanics and pit lane assistants are provided for the teams so racers only need to strategize and drive! All safety gear is provided if needed.
For questions about the Enduro Races or to register as a team or individual please call 724.740.1200 or e-mail BeaveRun Karting .
Enduro Schedule:
To Be Determined
Private Event Enduros are Available by Reservation
Race Rental Karts

Race karts are also available for rent from BeaveRun's trackside ProShop - Turn1 ProSports. The Birel karts are available as Kid Karts for the 5-8 year olds, Cadets for 8-12 year olds, Juniors for 12-15 year olds and TAGs for 16 and over. Also available for 2011 will be the Clone karts for both Junior and Senior age racers. These karts will be available to rent on Practice Days and well as BRCKS Race Days.

These karts can be used for Test Drives, Private Instruction, Practices, Schools and Races. Please contact Turn1 ProSports at [email protected] or call 724.740.1200 to schedule a session or vist for more information.


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