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BeaveRun Bike Lapping Days

The North Track has become a very popular destination for sport bike racers and riders. The schedule continues to expand each year as organizations, shops and track-day promoters host a growing number of events at BeaveRun. The events run the gamut from low-key track days with the local motorcycle shops to multiple day instructional programs with some of the top touring groups in the country.

While most events have riders using their own equipment, others offer everything from safety gear rental to complete arrive & drive programs featuring track prepared sport bikes.

Pittsburgh based rider and writer Mike Seate penned an article detailing the benefits of track day programs for the experienced and amateur riders alike:

Pittsburgh Rides: Track Days

When you feel the need for speed


Performance riding schools hosted by sportbike organizations:


2011 Schedule - Additional Dates to be Announced: 

  • NESBA - July 23/24, August 13/14, September 24/25
  • Moto Series - September 10/11
  • European Cylces - September 18
  • Team Pro-Motion - October 8/9


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