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BeaveRun Schools - An Overview:

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To discuss any BRS Courses, please contact the BeaveRun Office: 724-535-1000


As dates for schools are scheduled, they are added to the BeaveRun Shopping Cart to expedite the payment and registration process. Click here to check the Shopping Cart for the school of interest.

If the school you're interested in is not found, please contact the BeaveRun Office for scheduling information.



BeaveRun Schools offers a wide range of courses… from improving street driving skills to developing the specialized skills required for racing. The following courses are presently available but special courses can be custom tailored to suit your particular needs. Click on any of the items for a brief description and basic cost information:

Highway Safety

Total Road Skills (TRS) This one-day

course features vehicles basic dynamics aimed at both young drivers and adults. It can be tailored for corporate needs as well. The class covers vehicle dynamics, skid control, accident avoidance and practical exercises necessary to hone driving skills, address emergency situations and build confidence behind the wheel. Exercises cover ABS and traction control systems. Additional Details

$475(your vehicle)

Advanced Driving Dynamics (ADD) is for the driver who desires to improve driving skills beyond our basic road program. This is the cornerstone for all more advanced courses, and includes critical vehicle dynamics, high speed driving and stress management. This one day course is an excellent next step for a TRS graduate or the performance enthusiast.

$200 (your vehicle)

Winter Driving Skills (WDS) We can’t change the winter road conditions, but we can change how we deal with them. Learn how to safely negotiate wet and slippery roadways by gaining an understanding of vehicle dynamics and car control. Learn from behind the wheel of your car in our safe environment instead of on the dangerous highway one. Additional Details

Off Road & SUV Programs

BeaveRun Off Road Challenge (ORC)

You and your friends have done it all... the ropes courses, the fantasy camps, maybe even racing schools. You love the outdoors. You love the challenge. And you know dirt washes off. Get ready to:

  • Tackle tough terrain;
  • Manage steep inclines;
  • Negotiate mud bogs;
  • Work your way through real "rock gardens;" and,
  • Work as a team to build your way through obstacles.

The day is capped off with a real bear of a trail - negotiating it will challenge even experienced off road 4 wheelers

$340 (your vehicle & one or two people)

4WD SUV Off Road Program. If you've never taken your 4WD SUV off the pavement, but would like to get off the beaten track, join us for a learning journey in off-road driving on a recreational course! Bring your own 4WD or use ours to help improve your skills by putting them to the test on our purpose-built exercise area and 4WD circuit

$495 (our vehicle & two people/ $247.95 per person)

Get the best from 4 Wheeling by:

  • Understanding the characteristics of 4WD vehicles
  • Equipping your vehicle for off road driving
  • Learning vehicle recovery techniques
  • Correctly negotiating mud and sand obstacles
  • Knowing ideal wheel placement
  • Handling rough terrain
  • Selecting the right gear and also when and how to engage four wheel drive
  • Negotiating humps, V’s and ditches
  • Negotiating obstacles
$475 per person using our vehicles

SUV Program (SUV). This One-Day Program is designed specially for the driver of the popular vehicles known as SUV, four-wheel-drive, truck, all-wheel-drive, minivan or 4x4. Call them what you please, these modern day “grocery getters” are not cars and cannot not be driven like typical sedans. A high center of gravity, power to all four wheels, massive weight, large size and lots of power make these vehicles behave very differently from cars. Not only do they demand respect from their drivers because of their unusual handling characteristics, but with their weight and mass, they become lethal projectiles to the ever growing segment of lighter fuel efficient cars traversing our highways.

Our course will let you confidently and safely drive your SUV, addressing:

  • Paved road driving
  • Braking
  • ABS
  • Traction control
  • Following distances
  • Swerving to avoid a crash
  • Skids
  • 4WD in slippery conditions, snow and ice
  • Driving on unimproved roads

Performance Driving:


Flat Out Days

It’s the place to explore the limits of both you and your car in a safe environment. You will have the benefit of a seasoned BeaveRun instructor to guide you through the entire process. Bring your friends and enjoy a great day. By the way, we celebrate Flat Out Fridays on any day of the week. Additional Details




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