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Whether you're entertaining clients, rewarding employees, celebrating with co-workers, or strategizing off-site…BeaveRun’s world-class facility offers a unique environment, dynamic activities, and unparalleled motivation.We work with corporate groups to identify activities best suited for their goals and the preferences of their guests. Some options are ideal for team-building, while others appeal to competitive types, or those with a need for speed. The beauty of our Corporate Events is that they require no pre-existing skill, unlike golf outings or other athletic-type events.


Some of our most popular activities

  • Karting CompetitionReal thrills in a safe environment. Equipped with racing-inspired Birel chassis and Honda engines, our karts cannot be rivaled by any “family fun park” or indoor center. Our karting professionals create solo races that require little more than a spirit of adventure – as well as more advanced racing formats for groups with experienced drivers.

  • Karting Team Building ExperienceOur team race levels the playing field by grouping people of diverse skill and thrill levels into teams. Teams can be assigned by mixing those who were clocked with faster and slower times during practice laps, or can be prearranged by departments or work groups.

  • AutocrossOur Vehicle Dynamics Area’s 6 acres of pavement are ideal for a timed autocross event. We lay out cones in a challenging pattern suitable for all skill levels and let the squealing begin. Each participant gets multiple chances to beat co-workers’ times.

  • Backseat Driver Team ChallengeTeams of three are assigned to cars on our Wilson Circuit. The driver of each car is blindfolded, while two teammates are in the back seat giving verbal direction on how to keep the car on track. It’s communication skills – not driving aptitude – that makes a winning team.

  • Hot LapsA memorable activity for anyone who has never experienced a top-speed run on a professional race track. Our professionals ride your guests around our 1.6 mile North Track – a fast, flowing course with major elevation changes.

  • GymkhanasThese are timed slow-speed obstacle courses that require participants to complete a variety of activities along the route. It’s a high-energy activity that never fails to keep both participants and spectators laughing.

  • Total Road Skills.   Perfect for companies that have service techs, engineers, salespeople, delivery personnel or other employees who drive as part of their jobs. Emergency braking, skid control and accident avoidance skills are learned from behind the wheel at real-world speeds.

  • Off-Road ChallengeGet off to a rocky start on our undeveloped land where getting from point A to point B takes you through challenging terrains and wet passages. Designed as a team-building exercise.

  • Pro Formula Racing ExperienceThe ultimate reward. Bring your group to BeaveRun for laps in the Indy-style open-wheel race car that holds the track record here. Your guests can experience first-hand the same excitement and adrenaline rush as popular open wheel superstars.

For more information regarding these corporate groups please contact Justina Luckey 724 535 1000 or you can reach her at [email protected]


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