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A World-Class Setting

BeaveRun is a premier venue for automobile and specialty equipment manufacturers, offering a world-class setting for such events as:

  • Vehicle and Automotive Product Launches
  • Dealer and Support Services Training
  • Behind-the-wheel product Introductions & Demonstrations
  • Media Demonstrations and Test Driving Opportunities
  • Amenities Ideally Suited to the Manufacturer

While our facility is perhaps best known for it's weekend road racing and competition events, it's world class amenities make it ideally suited to such manufacturer events as: 

  • Ride and Drives 
  • Skid Pad Exercises 
  • Automobile/Automotive Displays 
  • Emergency Braking Demonstrations 
  • Handling Demonstrations 
  • Demonstration of Accident Avoidance Maneuvers 
  • Dynamic Testing 
  • Product Evaluation 
  • OEM Testing 

Let's face it... a motorsports complex in a population center will:

  •  Add "sizzle" to what would otherwise be fairly mundane
  •  Allow you to demonstrate what can't be done on public roadways

Every aspect of our complex has been designed for maximum safety and enjoyment, with a commitment to exceptional quality facilities, service, and materials. Since opening in 2002, we have hosted an increasing number of events each year. That list includes:   Acura   BMW   Buick   Dodge  GMC  Mercedes   Subaru   Toyota ... and more. We are recognized not only for our facility design, but also for our knowledgeable and accommodating staff.    

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