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Especially popular are those events that permit you to drive your own car and experience the exhilarating thrill of performance driving.  These events, fall into three categories:

  • Flat Out Days... One-day events that provide class room instruction as well as in-car instructors for those who want to enjoy driving their cars in the unencumbered atmosphere of a race track.  These are non-competition events Click here for further details.
  • Test-N-Tune Days... opportunities for the racer to spend the day testing and setting up their cars or bikes for race events.  These days can be on an exclusive-use basis (no other participants) or on a shared basis (in which several teams cooperatively share use of the track facility).
  • Autocrossing... Technically challenging competitions where vehicle dynamics and quick reflexes are the key ingredients and speeds are considerably moderated (normally 1st and 2nd gear).  Autocrosses are carried out on the VDA by the various car clubs and BeaveRun does it's own brand of informal autocrossing in the summer evenings (click here for further details).
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