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BeaveRun Championship Karting Series - Rules & Points



Tire rule


2008 Points System
The series is a best 8 of 12.  Each drivers best 8 point totals will be added together to determine season standings.  To be eligible for awards a driver must compete in at least 8 races.
For the 2007 season we will follow the WKA national points system.
1st 200 +# of entries   16th 50 +# of entries   31st 0 +# of entries    
2nd 175 +# of entries   17th 45 +# of entries   32nd -1 +# of entries    
3rd 155 +# of entries   18th 40 +# of entries   33rd -2 +# of entries    
4th 140 +# of entries   19th 35 +# of entries   34th -3 +# of entries    
5th 130 +# of entries   20th 30 +# of entries   35th -4 +# of entries    
6th 120 +# of entries   21st 27 +# of entries   36th -5 +# of entries    
7th 110 +# of entries   22nd 24 +# of entries   37th -6 +# of entries    
8th 100 +# of entries   23rd 21 +# of entries   38th -7 +# of entries    
9th 90 +# of entries   24th 18 +# of entries   39th -8 +# of entries    
10th 80 +# of entries   25th 15 +# of entries   40th -9 +# of entries    
11th 75 +# of entries   26th 12 +# of entries   41st -10 +# of entries    
12th 70 +# of entries   27th 9 +# of entries   42nd -11 +# of entries    
13th 65 +# of entries   28th 6 +# of entries   43rd -12 +# of entries    
14th 60 +# of entries   29th 3 +# of entries   44th -13 +# of entries    
15th 55 +# of entries   30th 1 +# of entries   45th -14 +# of entries    
Drivers must take the green flag in Qualifying, Heat, or the Feature to receive points.  Qualified drivers that do not start the feature will receive last place points (15 entries 55+15=70pts)  Drivers that do not finish the feature will receive points based on their last completed lap.
Drivers will receive 0 points if they are DQ'd, do not cross the scales, fail post tech, etc.  If DQ'd for an unsportsmanlike behavior the driver will receive 0 points for that event and not be able to drop that event.
No pole points will be awarded this season.
Competitors have 10 days from posting to protest their points standing.
Combined classes will be grided based on qualifying time irregardless of class, but scored separate, unless otherwise directed by the race director.
Attention Cadet Class                    
The Cadet class will be split into two run groups and scored as one.  Cadet A and B.  The top finisher in Cadet B will receive points for one position below the last place finisher of Cadet A.  If there are 20 cadet drivers 8 in A and 12 in B the winner of group B will receive 9th place points (90+20=110).  Drivers in Cadet A will receive points based on total entries in Cadet A and B.
Placement in Cadet A or B will be at the discretion of the race director.  The race director will consider past performance, qualifying times, and overall field in determining who and how many drivers will be in each group.


Tire rule:

The Bridgestone YHC is the spec tire for all competition classes in 2008. In order to accumulate points at any race, the kart must be on Bridgestone YHCs for all qualifying, heat race and feature race sessions.


The exception to the spec tire rule will be for the 50cc Kid Karts. There will be no tire compound rule only size specs for the Kid Karts. Also, there will be no spec rain tire for any class.


In order to keep with the spirit of the cost saving intent of using a spec tire, no "sticker" or brand new tires will be allowed for the feature races. Tires must show some previous wear on the grid otherwise a penalty will be assessed for starting the feature on new tires.  There is no penalty for starting qualifying or the heat on "stickers."


Racers not running for points will still be allowed to compete using any tire but their finishing position will be disqualified in the final results. They will maintain their starting positions through heat and feature races but will be DQ'd and not receive points in the official feature results.


The spec tire rule will be in place for the entire twelve race season.


Tires are available through TurnOne Prosports at the track, you are not required to purchase your tires from TurnOne.  Pricing will be announced soon.










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