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Youth Karting Sessions



The Youth Karting Sessions are a new addition to the BeaveRun schedule for 2008. These sessions are open to young racers and potential racers from the ages of 5-12 in the Kid Kart and Cadet classes. All Kid Kart age drivers (5-8 years old) and Novice Cadet drivers (8-12) are invited.


Youth Karting Sessions are open to families with their own equipment as well as new families looking to become involved in the sport. For new families, all equipment is available at the track. Kid Karts and Cadet Karts are available for rent as well as all safety gear including helmets, suits, gloves and neck braces.


The Sessions feature extensive lapping opportunities along with basic instruction. The emphasis of the program is to give the young drivers a chance to become comfortable on the race track with drivers of similar ability and experience levels.


For new families this is the perfect way to see if the kids are interested in karting without having to spend a lot of money on equipment first!


Several areas will be addressed each week as well to help the drivers be better prepared for race and practice days at BeaveRun including such items as entering and exiting the pits, meaning of the flags, on-track etiquette and how to line-up and start the races.


Costs for the three hour sessions are as follows:


$25   - No equipment provided

$75   - Kart and equipment provided with 2 drivers sharing 1 kart

$125 - Kart and equipment provided with exclusive use of the kart for the session


For more information please call 724.535.1000. To reserve a kart for these sessions please contact Turn1 ProSports at 412.849.5218 or [email protected]




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