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Great Turnout for BeaveRun Double Weekend

Wampum, PA May 21, 2007 - The BeaveRun Championship Karting Series ran the first of three scheduled double weekends featuring two full days of racing action.  The racers showed their support of these events as the paddock was filled with close to a thirty percent increase in kart counts from the opening round.


Four classes in particular showed very strong numbers as the Cadet, Yamaha Junior Super-Can, TAG/Rotax and Shifter classes all saw big turnouts.


An interstate battle resumed once again with Bryan Dudiwka of Akron, Ohio and Noah Stark of Trafford, PA scoring victories in the shifter races. Eleven drivers entered the two races, a high point for the recently rejuvenated class at BeaveRun. Dudiwka and Stark's overall wins were both in the 125cc class while Virginian Michael Moshenek scored second and third place overall finishes in the race and the Stock Moto Shifter class win on both days.


Cy Schumacher returned to BeaveRun for the first time since early in the 2006 season and did so in style, winning both legs of the highly competitive TAG class races. John Flucker and Brian McHattie had successful weekends as well with Flucker scoring a second and a third while McHattie nailed down third and fourth place finishes. McHattie's fourth place finish on Saturday was an impressive run after having to come from the tail of the pack and work through a solid field.


The TAG class featured seventeen entries on Saturday while the numbers were somewhat split on Sunday when the Rotax drivers, frequent competitors in the TAG class, had their own feature.  The Rotax race was won by Jesse Fischbach with Aaron Meister and Audrey Staton rounding out the top three. For Newton Falls, Ohio's Staton the race marked a high point since making the big jump to the highly competitive class, moving up from the Junior ranks at the end of last season.


Yamaha Junior Super-Can continues to enjoy the effects of a rebirth of sorts as the kart counts grew yet again for these races.  Ten competitors took to the track on Saturday followed by a recent high of thirteen on Sunday pushing the class to having its first stand alone races in a long time.  Sam Beasley was the hot hand, scoring dominant victories on both days followed by Connor Hayes on Saturday and Blaise Haynes on Sunday.


One of the new faces in the class was that of Andy Schlosser, recent graduate of BeaveRun's Cadet program.  The Sewickley, PA racer scored two top fives in his first time behind the wheel of the more powerful full sized kart, a testament to both the competitiveness of the BeaveRun Cadet class and the skills learned in the youth karting programs of the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series.


Of course the Cadet program felt no ill effects of losing a competitor as no less than sixteen karts signed in on Saturday and nineteen on Sunday between the Experienced (A) and Novice (B) groups. The 'A' Features saw astounding displays of racing as the talented group of eight to twelve year olds once again provided plenty of excitement. The Saturday feature was the Breyton Santee show as the North Kingsville, Ohio racer was forced to start at the tail of the field after losing a transponder in the heat race. Santee passed five karts on the opening lap and then ran down the trio of fellow National drivers Jacob Donald, Trent Walko and Connor Gawry, picking off each one on his way to an impressive win.


The same racers again dominated the Sunday race with all four leading the race at some point during the race. The final lap saw three different leaders alone as Santee led at the White Flag only to be passed by Walko in a picture perfect move at the tricky turn three 'hairpin'. Santee pulled alongside Walko heading in to the downhill right hand turn eight.  The two briefly touched opening the door for Gawry to grab the lead and hang on over the final few turns for his first feature win at BeaveRun.


The Cadet B features showed the continued growth of this class at BeaveRun as Carson Evans and Tyler Frankenberry scored wins on Saturday and Sunday respectively in their first Series races in the Cadet class.  The two are no strangers to the track though as they honed their skills previously in the Kid Kart class for five to eight year olds.  Both drivers demonstrated maturity beyond their years in their BeaveRun Cadet debuts.


Six Kid Karts also took part in the two day event with BeaveRun stalwarts and Pittsburgh area drivers Eli Ciotti, Shane Killen and PJ Molnar dicing with Joey Pendergrass, Evan Stewart and Conner Evans who all made the trip from various parts of Ohio.  The BeaveRun Kid Kart class continues to develop excellent young drivers as both Carson Evans and Tyler Frankenberry, winners of the Cadet B Features, were previous participants in the BeaveRun Kid Kart program before this season.


In the combined Yamaha Heavy/HPV/Jr TAG race, Kyle Klingelheber won the Saturday race in his Jr TAG kart while Sam Beasley made it three wins in two days with a Sunday win in his HPV. Brian Callan swept both days in the Yamaha Heavy class. The HPV Jr class saw Breyton Santee and Trent Walko split the honors.




Race 4 in the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series schedule is next on the schedule with a June 10th date. A Kart School will be conducted this coming Sunday, May 27th. For more information about BeaveRun Karting and the Kart School, please visit www.beaverun.com or call 724.535.1000.



Race 2 Results:


Cadet A

1 Breyton Santee

2 Trent Walko

3 Connor Gawry

4 Jacob Donald

5 Jerett Zaleski

6 Tyler Moneypenny

7 Ryan Killen

8 DJ Opsatnik

9 Andrew Bujdoso

10 Kyle Smith


Cadet B

1 Carson Evans

2 Ayrton Mutagaana

3 Tyler Frankenberry

4 Justin DiMassa

5 Jeremy Armstrong

6 Ty Flickinger



1 Bryan Dudiwka (125cc)

2 Scott Tepper (125cc)

3 Michael Moshenek (Stock Moto)

4 Festo Mutagaana (125cc)

5 Jeff DeMello (Stock Moto)

6 Connor Sideri (80cc)

7 Chuck Kelly (Stock Moto)

8 Noah Stark (125cc)

9 Rick Volz (125cc)



1 Cy Schumacher         

2 John Flucker  

3 Brian McHattie           

4 Aaron Meister

5 John Bokovitz

6 Stuart Maclean          

7 Jay Robinson 

8 Jeremiah Johnson      

9 Garret Huff     

10 Morgan Baker          

11 Scott Tepper

12 Krista Schumacher   

13 Tyler Dolanch           

14 Glenn Boros 

15 Ray Santomo           

16 JJ Seiler      

17 Audrey Staton          


Yamaha Jr Super-Can

1 Sam Beasley 

2 Connor Hayes

3 Drew Schaler 

4 Andy Schlosser         

5 Charlie Eyster

6 Michael Roloson        

7 Matthew Propst          

8 Grant Cain     

9 Frank DeMaria           

10 Robert Bujdoso        


Yamaha Heavy/HPV/Jr TAG

1 Kyle Klingelheber (Jr TAG)

2 Brian Callan (Yamaha Heavy)

3 Mike Schaler (Yamaha Heavy)

4 Breyton Santee (HPV Jr)

5 Jacob Donald (HPV Jr)

6 Jim Miller (Yamaha Heavy)

7 Trent Walko (HPV Jr)


Kid Karts (participation class)

Evan Stewart

Elijah Ciotti

Conner Evans

Shane Killen

PJ Molnar

Joey Pendergrass


Race 3  Results:


Cadet A

1 Connor Gawry

2 Breyton Santee

3 Trent Walko

4 Jacob Donald

5 Jerett Zaleski

6 Tyler Moneypenny

7 DJ Opsatnik

8 Ryan Killen

9 Jaysen Zaleski

10 Tommy Frazier

11Andrew Bujdoso


Cadet B

1 Tyler Frankenberry

2 Justin DiMassa

3 Ty Flickinger

4 Joshua Bergfelt

5 Ayrton Mutagaana

6 Brandon Belloni

7 Carson Evans

8 Jeremy Armstrong



1 Noah Stark (125cc)

2 Michael Moshenek (Stock Moto)

3 Brian Goebel (Srock Moto)

4 Jeff DeMello (Stock Moto)

5 Festo Mutagaana (125cc)

6 Connor Sideri (80cc)

7 Denny Sideri (80cc)

8 Rick Volz (125cc)

9 Bryan Dudiwka (125cc)



1 Cy Schumacher         

2 John Bokovitz

3 John Flucker  

4 Brian McHattie

5 Jesse Fischbach

6 Krista Schumacher     

7 Jeremiah Johnson

8 Tyler Dolanch

9 Ray Santomo 

10 JJ Seiler      

11 Morgan Baker

12 Audrey Staton          

13 Scott Tepper

14 Matt Machiko           



1 Jesse Fischbach

2 Aaron Meister

3 Audrey Staton

4 Chuck Kelly

5 Creighton Gibbons

6 Joe Sylvester

7 Rob Veauthier


Yamaha Jr Super-Can

1 Sam Beasley 

2 Blaise Haynes           

3 Chris Horan

4 Grant Cain

5 Andy Schlosser

6 Michael Roloson        

7 Drew Schaler 

8 Robbie Veauthier        

9 Charlie Eyster

10 Matthew Propst        

11 Connor Hayes

12 Frank DeMaria

13 Robert Bujdoso


Yamaha Heavy/HPV/Jr TAG

1 Sam Beasley (HPV)

2 Brian Callan (Yamaha Heavy)

3 Harry McElhaney (Yamaha Heavy)

4 Mike Schaler (Yamaha Heavy)

5 Trent Walko (HPV Jr)

6 Breyton Santee (HPV Jr)

7 Kyle Klingelheber(Jr TAG)

8 Jacob Donald (HPV Jr)


Kid Karts (participation class)

Shane Killen

PJ Molnar

Joey Pendergrass

Evan Stewart

Elijah Ciotti

Conner Evans







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BeaveRun Track Photographer





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