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Thrilling Cadet Feature Tops Race 4 in BRCKS Series

Wampum, PA June 25, 2007 - The fourth race in the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series featured great racing across several classes. The Cadet A Feature never ceases to entertain at BeaveRun and the group of incredible young racers did not disappoint this week either.

Connor Gawry and Breyton Santee swapped the lead several times in the ten lap feature as the teammates from northeast Ohio looked to have the race in hand. After lurking in fourth place for the first eight laps though, Trent Walko decided it was time to show his hand, dispatching Jacob Donald for third with two laps to go and then pulling a thrilling double pass on Santee and Gawry to jump from third to first as the foursome took the white flag. Walko kept the pack behind him over the final lap to top Gawry by .078 seconds at the line. Santee and Donald followed in third and fourth respectively.

Ty Flickinger won his first race of the season in the Cadet B feature with Joshua Bergfelt and Matt Schlosser rounding out the top three.

Chris Livengood dominated the day in the Rotax class qualifying first and winning both the heat and feature races. A rapidly improving Audrey Staton scored a season best second place finish just ahead of Jesse Fischbach and Aaron Meister. For Staton, the move to the top of the field is a big stride in just her first full year of competition since moving up from the Junior ranks mid-way through the 2006 season.

Matt Machiko also recently made the move from the Junior classes to the highly competitive BeaveRun TAG class and in just a handful of races scored his first win over perennial frontrunners Brian McHattie and John Flucker. Machiko notched the win as well as setting the fast time of the day at the track, besting even the fastest shifter karts time. Flucker maintained his point lead notching his fourth podium finish in four tries.

The Yamaha Junior Super-Can class continued to show strong numbers as ten karts took to the .82 mile Wilson Circuit to do battle. Chris Horan and Grant Cain checked out from the start after a turn three incident took out two other front runners and held the rest of the pack in check just enough to let the duo get away. Cain was able to stay with Horan for much of the race but Horan took the checkered flag first for his second win of the season. Connor Hayes rounded out the top three.

Michael Moshenek dominated the Stock Moto Shifter class scoring his fourth win of the year in four tries. Brian Goebel trailed Moshenek for second while Jeff DeMello and Bob Lewandowski had a heated battle to the end with DeMello prevailing by just .016 seconds. In the Yamaha Heavy group, Joshua Rivera beat Harry McElhaney and Mike Schaler to the line for the win.

Next on the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series schedule is a double-race weekend as races 5 & 6 will take place on June 30th and July 1st followed by regional and national events. The Great Lakes Sprint Series and the WKA Manufacturers Cup events will race on the Wilson Circuit July 13-15th and July 20-22nd respectively. For more information about BeaveRun Karting, please visit www.beaverun.com or call 724.535.1000.

Race 4 Results:

Kid Karts (participation class)
Nate Kazienko
Elijah Ciotti
PJ Molnar
Ryan Finney
Shane Killen
Savannah Fitzgerald
Chase Smith

Yamaha Heavy
1 Joshua Rivera
2 Harry McElhaney
3 Mike Schaler


Yamaha Jr Super-Can
1 Chris Horan
2 Grant Cain
3 Connor Hayes
4 Andy Schlosser
5 Daniel Hewes
6 Drew Schaler
7 Robbie Veauthier
8 Charlie Eyster
9 Blaise Haynes
10 Michael Roloson

Cadet A
1 Trent Walko
2 Connor Gawry
3 Breyton Santee
4 Jacob Donald
5 Tyler Moneypenny
6 DJ Opsatnik
7 Ryan Killen
8 Ryan Punsalan
9 Ayrton Mutagaana

Cadet B
1 Ty Flickinger
2 Joshua Bergfelt
3 Matt Schlosser
4 Justin DiMassa
5 Jeremy Armstrong
6 Ty Flickinger

Shifters - Stock Moto
1 Michael Moshenek
2 Brian Goebel
3 Jeff DeMello
4 Bob Lewandowski

1 Matt Machiko
2 Brian McHattie
3 John Flucker
4 Glenn Boros
5 John Bokovitz
6 Audrey Staton
7 JJ Seiler
8 Jesse Fischbach
9 Greg Horan
10 John Weinwright
11 Tyler Dolanch
12 Morgan Baker

1 Chris Livengood
2 Audrey Staton
3 Jesse Fischbach
4 Aaron Meister
5 Garret Huff
6 Creighton Gibbons
7 Rob Veauthier
8 Chuck Kelly







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