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TAG, Cadet and Jr Can Fields Strong for Double Weekend

Wampum, PA July 9, 2007 - The on track action at BeaveRun is always close and exciting but now a battle is starting to brew between classes.  The TAG, Cadet and Yamaha Junior Super-Can classes continue to grow rapidly and the draw of two full  days of action in one weekend helped to further bolster kart counts.


The 12-15 year olds in the Junior Can class were 15 strong each day while the Senior TAG (over 15) class featured twenty karts each day. The always exciting Cadet racers didn't disappoint either with fifteen 8-12 year old pilots on the grid on Saturday followed by a whopping 21karts on Sunday.


Sam Beasley provided a familiar sight for the Junior Can racers, the back of his kart, as he motored to another pair of wins on the weekend making him four for four in the races he has entered this year at BeaveRun. Chris Horan finished the weekend with two second place finishes while Blaise Haynes and Maryland's Grant Cain each landed a third place finish.


The TAG class featured huge fields on both days and plenty of action as current points leader Brian McHattie topped Marshal Vortriede by just .082 seconds on Saturday for his first win of the year. Cy Schumacher won on Sunday, the third time in four races this season. Both Schumacher and Matt Machiko broke in to the 56 second range on Sunday.


Jacob Donald, the 2006 BeaveRun Cadet Champion, returned to form for the first time this season in a big way by winning the Saturday race and finishing third on Sunday. The Sunday race proved to be a close affair as just .067 seconds separated first place finisher Breyton Santee from Donald with Trent Walko somehow finding a spot for second in between. Ayrton Climo won the Cadet B feature on Sunday.


Brian Callan swept both legs of the Yamaha Heavy class while Noah Stark scored a first and a second in shifters with Brian O'Hara taking top honors on Sunday.  Virginian Michael Moshenek proved to the quickest of the Stock Shifter group each day as well.


The Kid Kart racers, the 5-8 year olds that everyone loves to watch, were in fine form as Eli Ciotti, Joey Pendergrass, Shane Killen, Chase Smith, Conner Evans and Nate Kazienko all took to the BeaveRun track. These young racers are the future of the sport of karting and it is good to see that the sport is in great, if not small, hands with these young drivers.


Chris Livengood dominated the Rotax races each day of the double weekend followed by Jesse Fischbach.  Garret Huff found the final top three spot on Saturday while Audrey Staton moved to the podium position on Sunday.


The Great Lakes Sprint Series and the WKA Manufacturers Cup events will race on the Wilson Circuit next, July 13-15th and July 20-22nd respectively. The BeaveRun Championship Karting Series returns to action for the seventh race on the schedule, July 29th. For more information about BeaveRun Karting, please visit www.beaverun.com or call 724.535.1000.

Race 5 Results:

Kid Karts (participation class)
Nate Kazienko
Elijah Ciotti
Joey Pendergrass

Conner Evans
Shane Killen
Chase Smith

Yamaha Heavy
1 Brian Callan
2 Jim Miller
3 Mike Schaler
4 James Digirolamo
DQ Kim Carapellatti
DQ Scot Carapellatti

Class: HPV Jr Sportsman
1 Jacob Donald
2 Dylan Sommerfeld

Class: JR HPV
DQ Sam Beasley


Yamaha Jr Super-Can
1 Sam Beasley
2 Chris Horan
3 Grant Cain
4 Blaise Haynes
5 Kylie Flickinger
6 Robert Bujdoso
7 Daniel Hewes
8 Connor Hayes
9 Michael Roloson
10 Drew Schaler
11 Collin Wood
12 Frank DeMaria
13 Charlie Eyster
14 Matthew Propst


Cadet A
1 Jacob Donald
2 Breyton Santee
3 Trent Walko
4 Tyler Moneypenny
5 Connor Gawry
6 Austin Dilts
7 Andrew Bujdoso
8 Ayrton Mutagaana
9 Ty Flickinger
10 Ayrton Climo
11 Jerett Zaleski
12 Brandon Belloni
13 Jaysen Zaleski
14 Ryan Killen
DNF Tyler Frankenberry


Yamaha Sportsman

1 Kyle Wood

Shifters - Stock Moto
1 Noah Stark (125)
2 Michael Moshenek (Stock)
3 Brian Goebel (Stock)
4 Bob Lewandowski (Stock)

5 Connor Sideri (80)

6 Eric Strahin (125)

1 Brian McHattie
2 Marshal Vortriede
3 John Flucker
4 Krista Schumacher
5 Ray Santomo
6 Stuart MacLean
7 Morgan Baker
8 Jay Robinson
9 Greg Horan
10 Jim Martin
11 Tim Bussan
12 Tyler Dolanch

13 John Wainwright

14 David Evans


DNS Aaron Meister, Layman Cobb, Chris Carman

DQ Matt Machiko, Cy Schumacher, James Digirolamo


1 Chris Livengood
2 Jesse Fischbach
3 Garret Huff
4 Jeff Gallup
5 Audrey Staton
6 Rob Veauthier
7 Joe Sylvester
8 Creighton Gibbons
9 Chuck Kelly
10 Joe Elchaar
11 Greg Horan

Race 6 Results:

Kid Karts (participation class)
Nate Kazienko
Elijah Ciotti
Joey Pendergrass

Conner Evans
Shane Killen
Chase Smith


Yamaha Heavy
1 Brian Callan
2 Harry McElhaney
3 Mike Schaler
DQ Kim Carapellatti
DQ Scot Carapellatti
DQ Michael Burton

Class: HPV Jr Sportsman
1 Dylan Sommerfeld
2 Jacob Donald
DQ Breyton Santee

Class: JR HPV
DQ Sam Beasley


Yamaha Jr Super-Can
1 Sam Beasley
2 Chris Horan
3 Blaise Haynes
4 Daniel Hewes
5 Grant Cain
6 Connor Hayes
7 Kylie Flickinger
8 Michael Roloson
9 Robbie Veauthier
10 Frank DeMaria
11 Matthew Propst
12 Charlie Eyster
13 Drew Schaler
DQ Robert Bujdoso
DQ Collin Wood


Cadet A
1 Breyton Santee
2 Trent Walko
3 Jacob Donald
4 Tyler Moneypenny
5 Tyler Frankenberry
6 DJ Opsatnik
7 Jacob Kerstetter
8 Jerett Zaleski
9 Austin Dilts
10 Carson Evans
11 Ryan Killen
12 Ayrton Mutagaana
13 Connor Gawry
DQ Jaysen Zaleski


Yamaha Sportsman

1 Kyle Wood

Cadet B
1 Ayrton Climo
2 Ty Flickinger
3 Andrew Bujdoso
4 Brandon Belloni
5 Nathan Dunbar
DNS Joshua Bergfelt

Shifters - Stock Moto

1 Brian O'Hara (125)

2 Noah Stark (125)
3 Michael Moshenek (Stock)

4 Jeff DeMello (Stock)
5 Brian Goebel (Stock)
6 Connor Sideri (80 Jr)
7  Bob Lewandowski

8 Kyle Klingelheber (TAG Jr)

9 Denny Sideri (80)

1 Cy Schumacher
2 Morgan Baker
3 Chris Livengood
4 Noah Stark
5 Krista Schumacher
6 John Bokovitz
7 Tyler Dolanch
8 Jeremiah Johnson
9 David Evans
10 Ray Santomo
11 Jim Martin
12 Bill Johnson

13 Brian McHattie


DQ Matt Machiko, Jesse Fischbach, Marshal Vortriede, Tim Bussan, James Digirolamo. John Flucker, Chris Carman


1 Chris Livengood
2 Jesse Fischbach
3 Audrey Staton
4 Rob Veauthier
5 Garret Huff
6 Creighton Gibbons
7 Joe Elchaar
8 Jeff Gallup
9 Chuck Kelly







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