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Clean Sweeps in Four Classes at BeaveRun

Wampum, PA August 13, 2007 - The brooms came out in several classes at BeaveRun for race number eight as four of the six classes were dominated by a single racer scoring the Pole, Pre-Final Race win and Final Race win on Sunday.


Jacob Donald continued his strong mid-season run in the Cadet class, leading the way with a blistering Pole time of 1:03.86 seconds, nearly .4 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack. The 2006 Cadet Champion then held off a strong charge from Breyton Santee, Trent Walko and a surging Austin Dilts for his third win in the last four races. Dilts, a two time Cadet Season Champion in 2004 and 2005, eventually finished second in the feature event and set overall fast time on the day at 1:03.80 seconds.


Also dominating their classes on the day were Bryan Dudiwka in the overall shifter group, Michael Moshenek in the Stock Moto Shifter class and Brian Callan in the Yamaha Heavy class.  Dudiwka and Moshenek battled to the wire in the feature with Dudiwka pulling ahead for the win by better than 2.5 seconds. Callan's win was his sixth of the season in the Yamaha Heavy class.


Cy Schumacher set quick time in the TAG class, setting himself up with the Pole position for the heat race. Schumacher set a torrid pace in the heat race, nearly .2 seconds faster than his qualifying times. John Flucker, second quick qualifier would be the winner at the end though taking advantage of a problem for Schumacher that dropped the Pole sitter to a ninth starting spot for the feature. Schumacher charged through the field but came up just .23 seconds shy of a back to front run as Flucker hung on for his first win since the opening race of the 2007 season.


The Yamaha Junior Can class featured more twists than the Wilson Circuit itself starting with qualifying where to no one's surprise Sam Beasley set fast time. Front runner's Blaise Haynes and Robbie Bujdoso both struggled in qualifying as Haynes did not turn a lap and Bujdoso could only muster the sixth fastest time. On the flip side, State College PA's Kyle Smith was third quickest in his first ever event in the class. The heat race saw Haynes begin to move through traffic before a mechanical failure sidelined him yet again.


The Feature race began with Beasley withdrawing due to an injury incurred in another race. The race itself saw the ranks shuffle forward and back as a crash eliminated two of the leaders early on while Bujdoso and Haynes finally sorted out their issues and began to march forward. Bujdoso came from behind to win followed by Chris Horan and Kylie Flickinger. Haynes made the biggest move charging from 12th to fourth.


Of course the Kid Karts featured their own brand of excitement as the pit lane was lined to watch the 5-8 year olds race around the full .82 mile circuit for just the second time this season. Brendan Cullura made the long drive with his family from the Philadelphia area to try out BeaveRun's facility joining Kid Kart regulars Logan Hitt, Savannah Fitzgerald, Chase Smith, Shane Killen, Eli Ciotti and Jeff Dunfee.


The Kid Kart and Cadet racers enjoyed two days of racing as the Kids 1st Kart Racing Series visited BeaveRun on Saturday for a youth racing program. Dunfee set the pace in the Kid Karts for that event followed by Killen and Ciotti while Breyton Santee scored the win in the Cadet Feature with Jacob McWhirter and Tyler Frankenberry in pursuit.


Early leaders in the Bertil Roos Challenge, a special program which will award a full three day Bertil Roos Road Racing School to the winner, include Moshenek, Callan, Dudiwka, Flucker and Schumacher. The lucky winner will be chosen at random from among the top ten in Bertil Roos Challenge points over the final five races. Points are scored based on participation and performance in the Open Shifter, Stock Moto Shifter, TAG and Yamaha Heavy classes.


The BeaveRun Championship Karting Series returns to action for the ninth race of the season on August 26th. For more information about BeaveRun Karting, please visit www.beaverun.com or call 724.535.1000.

Race 7

Kid Karts
Logan Hitt
Chase Smith
Nate Kazienko
Conner Evans
PJ Molnar
Shane Killen

1 Jeremiah Johnson
2 Morgan Baker
3 Audrey Staton
4 John Bokovitz
5 Kyle Klingelheber
6 JJ Seiler
7 Tyler Dolanch
8 Aaron Meister DNF
9 David Evans DNS
10 Brian Farnham DNS
11 John Flucker DQ

1 Dan Dominic

Yamaha Heavy
1 Harry McElhaney
2 Brian Callan
3 Jim Miller
4 Mike Schaler DNF

1 Jacob Donald
2 Trent Walko
3 Austin Dilts
4 Tyler Frankenberry
5 Tyler Moneypenny
6 DJ Opsatnik
7 Jaysen Zaleski
8 Ryan Killen
9 Jeremy Armstrong
10 Carson Evans

Yamaha Junior Can
1 Grant Cain
2 Michael Roloson
3 Andy Schlosser
4 Daniel Hewes
5 Drew Schaler
6 Frank DeMaria
7 Charlie Eyster
8 Blaise Haynes DNF

1 Noah Stark (125)
2 Connor Sideri (80 Jr)
3 Festo Mutagaana (125)
4 Jeff DeMello (Stock Moto)
5 Chuck Kelly (Stock Moto)
6 Brian Goebel (Stock Moto)
7 Denny Sideri (80)
8 Michael Moshenek (Stock Moto)

Race 8

Kid Karts
Logan Hitt
Savannah Fitzgerald
Chase Smith
Shane Killen
Eli Ciotti
Brendan Cullura
Jeff Dunfee

Yamaha Junior Can
1 Robert Bujdoso
2 Chris Horan
3 Kylie Flickinger
4 Blaise Haynes
5 Michael Roloson
6 Andy Schlosser
7 Drew Schaler
8 Frank DeMaria
9 Matthew Propst
10 Charlie Eyster
11 Grant Cain DNF
12 Kyle Smith DNF
13 Sam Beasley DNS

1 Jacob Donald
2 Austin Dilts
3 Trent Walko
4 Tommy Frazier
5 Tyler Moneypenny
6 DJ Opsatnik
7 Jaysen Zaleski
8 Andrew Bujdoso
9 Justin DiMassa
10 Tyler Frankenberry
11 Jeremy Rice
12 Jerett Zaleski
13 Ayrton Mutagaana
14 Ty Flickinger DNF
15 Ryan Killen DNF
16 Breyton Santee DNF

1 Bryan Dudiwka (125)
2 Michael Moshenek (Stock Moto)
3 Brian Goebel (Stock Moto)
4 Jeff DeMello (Stock Moto)
5 Chuck Kelly (Stock Moto)
6 Bob Lewandowski (Stock Moto)

Yamaha Heavy
1 Brian Callan
2 Jim Miller
3 Dylan Sommerfeld (HPV Jr)
4 Mike Schaler
5 Harry McElhaney (DNF)
6 Robert Bujdoso (DNF) (HPV)
7 Sam Beasley (DNS) (HPV)

1 John Flucker
2 Cy Schumacher
3 Jeremiah Johnson
4 Chris Livengood
5 Aaron Meister
6 Tyler Dolanch
7 Brian McHattie
8 JJ Seiler
9 Joe Sylvester (DNF)
10 Ray Santomo (DNF)
11 John Bokovitz (DNS)

Bertil Roos Challenge
1 Michael Moshenek 4
1 Brian Callan 4
1 Bryan Dudiwka 4
4 John Flucker 3
5 Cy Schumacher 2
6 Brian Goebel 1
6 Jeff DeMello 1
6 Chuck Kelly 1
6 Bob Lewandowski 1
6 Jim Miller 1
6 Mike Schaler 1
6 Harry McElhaney 1
6 Jeremiah Johnson 1
6 Chris Livengood 1
6 Aaron Meister 1
6 Tyler Dolanch 1
6 Brian McHattie 1
6 JJ Seiler 1
6 Joe Sylvester 1
6 Ray Santomo 1
6 John Bokovitz 1








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