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Racers Battle through the Rain in a BeaveRun Doubleheader

Wampum, PA (September 17, 2007) - Several racers proved they were able to excel in the rainy conditions this past weekend at BeaveRun Motorsports Complex but few were as dominant as Mother Nature herself. The rain started early Saturday morning and only let up for a short period of time near the end of the day, allowing a few classes to run dry set-ups for the final. Sunday was more of the same and then some though as the entire schedule was contested in wet conditions.
The closest competition each day came in the TAG class where Aaron Meister and Jeremiah Johnson took turns at the front of the pack with Meister coming out on top in the drying conditions on Saturday by just 1.01 seconds. Johnson returned the favor in the rain on Sunday by a scant .99 seconds as the two racers left the rest of the pack in their wake, turning laps nearly two seconds faster than the rest of the pack.
Yamaha Junior Can has been a class on the rise in 2007 at BeaveRun and this past weekend drove home the point as the 12-15 year olds came out in force and were the biggest fields on both days with ten and thirteen karts respectively. Sam Beasley posted wins on both days, making it six wins in seven tries for the Leroy, Ohio driver. Grant Cain and Mike Caro, making his first start at BeaveRun, rounded out the top three on Saturday while Canonsburg, PA’s Chris Horan swapped positions several times with Beasley on Sunday only to come up .12 seconds short at the line.
Noah Stark dominated the shifter class, winning both days in his 125cc machine. Michael Moshenek finished just a few lengths behind on Saturday, taking the Stock Moto class win. On Sunday, Chuck Kelly of Murrysville, PA showed the Stock Moto racers how to get around the Wilson Circuit in the rain, finishing second overall and first in the Stock Moto class.
The fields were light in the Yamaha Heavy class but the racing was close as Jim Miller made the best of the bad weather, beating Harry McElhaney by .23 seconds on Saturday and .11 seconds on Sunday!
Jacob Donald pulled away from a small but strong Cadet field on Saturday for a two second win over a hotly contested battle for second that saw just .2 seconds separating Breyton Santee, Trent Walko and Connor Gawry. It was the fourth win in the last seven races for Donald who hasn’t finished off of the podium in the last seven races. In the rain on Sunday, Gawry was the hot shoe leaving the field far behind in a rare five second win in the Cadet class.
The Kid Kart racers unfortunately were unable to compete due to the weather conditions but will be back strong for the season ending race on September 23rd.
The Bertil Roos Challenge continues to be a close battle with Michael Moshenek out in front with 20 points. The real battle though is for the tenth spot as anyone in the top ten is eligible for the grand prize of a Three Day Road Racing School from Bertil Roos. Four drivers are tied for the final three spots currently and a total of eight drivers are in the hunt for the final few entries as just four points separates 8th to 16th position.
The twelfth and final race of the BeaveRun Championship Karting Series season is scheduled for September 23rd with practice from 2-8:00 on Saturday the 22nd. The end of the year non-points Great Pumpkin Race presented by Mach 1 will then close out festivities for the year on October 20 -21st. Sponsorship opportunities are still available for the Great Pumpkin event - please contact Scot Silbaugh at 724.535.1000 or via e-mail [email protected] .

1 Noah Stark (125)
2 Michael Moshenek (Stock Moto)
3 Brian Goebel (Stock Moto)
4 Jeff DeMello (Stock Moto)
5 Connor Sideri (80 Junior)
6 Chuck Kelly (Stock Moto)
7 Denny Sideri (80)
8 Bob Lewandowski (Stock Moto)

1 Aaron Meister
2 Jeremiah Johnson
3 Garrett Olsen
4 Brian McHattie
5 Glenn Boros
6 Tyler Dolanch
7 Garret Huff
8 John Flucker
9 Ray Santomo
1 Jacob Donald
2 Breyton Santee
3 Trent Walko
4 Connor Gawry
5 Ayrton Mutagaana
6 DJ Opsatnik
7 Ryan Killen
8 Jerett Zaleski
Yamaha Junior Can:
1 Sam Beasley
2 Grant Cain
3 Mike Caro
4 Michael Roloson
5 Daniel Hewes
6 Blaise Haynes
7 Charlie Eyster
8 Matthew Propst
9 Kyle Knecht
10 Andy Schlosser
Yamaha Heavy:
1 Jim Miller
2 Harry McElhaney

1 Noah Stark (125)
2 Chuck Kelly (Stock Moto)
3 Brian Goebel (Stock Moto)
4 Jeff DeMello (Stock Moto)
5 Bob Lewandowski (Stock Moto)
6 Michael Moshenek (Stock Moto)
7 Connor Sideri (80 Junior)
8 Denny Sideri (80)
1 Jeremiah Johnson
2 Aaron Meister
3 Garrett Olsen
4 John Flucker
5 Tyler Dolanch
6 Garret Huff
7 Jenn Williams (ICA)
8 John Bokovitz
9 Ray Santomo
1 Connor Gawry
2 Trent Walko
3 Jacob Donald
4 Breyton Santee
5 Jaysen Zaleski
6 Jerett Zaleski
7 Ayrton Mutagaana
Yamaha Junior Can:
1 Sam Beasley
2 Chris Horan
3 Daniel Hewes
4 Grant Cain
5 Blaise Haynes
6 Kyle Smith
7 Charlie Eyster
8 Kyle Knecht
9 Frank DeMaria
10 Michael Roloson
11 Andy Schlosser
12 Matthew Propst
13 Mike Caro
Yamaha Heavy:
1 Jim Miller
2 Harry McElhaney
3 Brian Callan
Bertil Roos Challenge Points:
1 Michael Moshenek 20
2 Jim Miller 15
2 Noah Stark 15
4 Harry McElhaney 14
5 Aaron Meister 13
6 John Flucker 12
6 Chuck Kelly 12
8 Brian Goebel 10
8 Jeff DeMello 10
8 Tyler Dolanch 10
8 Ray Santomo 10
12 Jeremiah Johnson 8
13 Bryan Dudiwka 6
13 Brian Callan 6
13 John Bokovitz 6
13 Bob Lewandowski 6
17 Cy Schumacher 4
17 Garret Huff 4
19 Mike Schaler 3
19 Chris Livengood 3
19 Matt Machiko 3
19 Brian McHattie 3
19 Garrett Olsen 3
24 Caleb Loniewski 2
25 JJ Seiler 1
25 Joe Sylvester 1
25 Festo Mutagaana 1
25 Scott Nogrady 1
25 Raul Escobar 1
25 John Burton 1
25 Nelson Fernandez 1
25 David Evans 1
25 Nick Novisky 1
25 Virgil Gross 1
25 Krista Schumacher 1
25 Glenn Boros 1







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