If you're curious about what goes on at BeaveRun, stop in sometime and take a look at what we offer.

  • Stop on just about any weekend and you'll find something exciting going on... usually a car or sport bike event on the North Track while at the same time there's kart rentals, kart racing or some form of kart practice going on at the Wilson Circuit.  You might also find an autocross or drift event going on at the VDA.

  • To get some idea of the diversity of events that take place at BeaveRun, browse through our schedule.

  • If there's racing of some sort going on there's usually an entrance fee of $6-$7 but for many of the non-race weekends admission is free. 

  • On weekdays there's almost always something going on in the way of driver training, test & tune sessions by race teams, corporate events and automotive/manufacturer events.  Some events are not open to the public, but stop at the Office if you're in the area or give a call... it may be possible for you to look around on your own or get an informally-guided tour of the facility.




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