Corporate Programs in Karting
Today's ultra competitive marketplace requires a professional, competitive, team-oriented group of employees. All these skills can be developed and reinforced by participation in a BeaveRun Karting Center Corporate Karting Program.

  • Your employees will be challenged to develop team skills and strategies as they attempt to come up with the best plan for success in a timed team karting event.
  • Often used to increase moral or reward groups of employees for meeting goals, the BeaveRun Karting Center Corporate Karting Program helps your employees "Get on Course!" ... and stay there!
Call BeaveRun Karting Center for details: 724-535-1000.

Arrive and Drive Programs in Karting
BeaveRun Karting Center provides state-of-the-art equipment at any level of participation. Whether you just want to spend a 1/2-day lapping, or you need complete three-day race weekend mechanical and service support, BeaveRun Karting Center can provide the professional equipment and service personnel you need and can help you "Get on Course!" For more information, or to reserve a seat, contact us today.
(724) 535-1000 - Ask for Scot or email Scot at [email protected]


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