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Rentals karts are open for the season rentals times are Tuesday through Friday from 12pm-8pm.

BeaveRun has recently taken delivery of 14 new Senior Rental Karts.  The newest karts also feature the 9 horsepower, 270cc engines but they also feature more adjustability for different sized drivers.

Cost is $20 for the first session, $15 for each additional session.  Sessions are ten minutes in length.

A complete schedule of times and group availability can be found at:

Flat Out Day November 05, 2011
Flat Out Day

Due to last Saturday's snowed out Flat Out Day. We have rescheduled it for this Saturday November 5th. It currently is only open to the Participants Registered for the 29ths event that did not run. If we do not have enough participants registered within 24 hours we will open it up to the public.

Here is the link to Saturdays Flat Out Day.Saturday Nov.5th.


Flat Out Days are opportunities to take your car (or ours) onto a genuine race course and experience the thrill of spirited driving. Emphasis is on learning and practicing high performance driving but within a controlled, noncompetitive environment.

To learn more:

Drifting with Club Loose October 30, 2011
Drifting with Club Loose

Drifting has returned to the 2011 schedule with events run by local Drift Pro John Wagner as part of the Club Loose schedule of events.

The 2011 events will feature professional grade courses, safe event management and a fun atmosphere!

Drift Dates:

October 30


Cost is $45/participant and $10/spectator.                                                            

Please contact the office at  724-535-1000  for any additional information.

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