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   Aug 2010   
21 ARPCA Porsche Club Driver Ed
  ARPCA Porsche Club Driver Ed
  Ohio YSR Racing
22 SuperMoto Practice Session
24 Kart Rentals
  Pro Formula Experience
  Pro Formula Experience
25 Kart/Supermoto Practice
26 Kart Rentals
27 Flat Out Day
  Kart Rentals
28 SCCA-SCR Autocross T&T;
  Kart Practice
  Rental Kart League
  Moto Series
29 SCCA-SCR Event #8
  Karting Series Race 11
31 Kart Rentals



BeaveRun Readiness Training Center



BeaveRun Readiness Training Center features:

  • Explosive Demonstration Area with enclosed observation area
  • 350m x 60m Range to accommodate M203 TP
  • 100m x 100m 360◦   Range with 20+ movable targets
  • 100m 40 point Carbine Range
  • 50m Range with 30 firing points
  • Additional Office & Storage Area
  • GSA approved Class V Weapons Vault
  • Ammunition Magazine
  • Controlled Access Campus
  • IED identification area
  • Simmunitions Shoot House
  • 10 miles Off Road Trails
  • 5 miles of Unimproved Roads





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